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1997 Program

Deep Immersion: Elendil + System X, Residency

The fourth online residency of the 'deep immersion: creative collaborations' project.

Deep Immersion: Keith Netto + Electric.Music.Group, Residency

The second online residency of the 'deep immersion: creative collaborations' project to develop SonicForm, a web based sound project.

Deep Immersion: low key operations/nude productions + AltX, Residency

The third online residency of the 'deep immersion: creative collaborations' project.

Deep Immersion: Terri Ann White and trAce, Residency

This was the first online residency of the Deep Immersion: creative collaborations' project.

Komninos Zervos + Artec Residency, Residency

Komninos Zervos was ANAT's first Artist In Residence at Artec in London.

1997 AugOct  
Water writes always in plural, Residency

A virtual writers-in-residence project.

1997 October  
An expedition through the airwaves, Sound

ANAT took to the airwaves, broadcasting live from techno radio station, Radio Dex 96.9FM in Sydney.

Code Red, workshop/masterclass

CODE RED continued an ongoing international artists project which ANAT began in 1995 with Virogenesist, curated by Francesca da Rimini.

1997 29 Oct 4 Nov  
Body of Information, screening program

ANAT were invited to present a program of Australian video and new media artworks at Gallery Connexion in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Body Of Information was an eclectic selection of work, which interrogated a range of issues faced by Australian artists; exploring identity, critiquing the decentred subject, interrogating heritage, tearing up...

Deep Immersion: Creative Collaboration, Residency

In 1997 ANAT with support from the Australia Council, activated the deep immersion project with a series of online residencies 'deep immersion: creative collaborations'.

1997 19 October  
Opening of ZKM Museum, Exhibition

ANAT assisted the Goethe Institut, Sydney in joining 20 Goethe Instituts all around the world on the internet, delivering multimedia commentaries on the human image.

1997, Exhibition was a survey of Australian new media art assisted by the Australian Film Commission's marketing department.