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Television broadcast

Art Rage, Television broadcast

A series of 79 art works commissioned, curated and produced for ABC television's late night music program, Rage, by Kim Machan. 

Eat Carpet, Television broadcast

Eat Carpet was an Australian television series aired on SBS free-to-air television. It premiered alongside other programs such as MC Tee Vee and The Noise. Each hour-long episode consisted of up to a dozen short films shot by independent directors or experimental makers from all over the world. An estimated 3,000...

SBS Television begins broadcasting, Television broadcast

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) began television broadcasts in 1980, originally in Melbourne and Sydney. SBS was established in 1978 to provide  multilingual broadcasting services for ethnic communities in Australia. The program Eat Carpet screened on SBS TV from 1989 to 2005.

Rocky Star, Stephen Fearnley, Stephen Harrop, Andrew Traucki, Television broadcast

Rocky Star is a high camp Sci Fi musical (20 x 5min episodes) made on Supr 8 film for TV in 1993, by the production company Mucci Yucci and Succi : Steve Harrop, Andrew Traucki and Stephen Fearnley.