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Scanlines collects together information about Australian media artists, curators, organisations and events since the 1960s. The database is an ongoing and evolving resource dedicated to information pertinent to artists, works and events that have Australia-wide and international significance. It consolidates and links to substantial materials (biographical information, videos, catalogue essays, artists’ notes, résumés, stills, etc) relating to the history of media art in Australia. Material on this site has been drawn together from several important archives relating to media art, including the dLux MediaArts d/Archive, the archives of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and the Stephen Jones Archive of Art & Technology in Australia.

Scanlines is part of an Australian Research Council project developed by the University of New South Wales in association with dLux MediaArts, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Australian Network for Art and Technology. The lead Chief Investigator  is Ross Harley; Chief Investigators include Michele Barker, Wendy Coones, Sean Cubitt, Andrew Frost, Gillian Fuller, John Gillies, Oliver Grau, Stephen Jones, Anna Munster, Paul Thomas and Darren Tofts; Partner Invesigators include Alessio Cavallaro, Glenn Barkley, Anna Davis, Tara Morelos and Vicki Sowry; and Research Assistants include Teresa Crea, Elliott Hughes, Timothy Maybury and Diana Smith.

All efforts have been made to contact artists and organisations included in this site. If you would like to collaborate with us, or if you have any suggestions, corrections or queries regarding Scanlines, please contact: