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Alex Davies

Andrew Frost

Alex Davies is a Sydney-based artist. Since 1997 he has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Australia, Europe and America. 

Davies work is notable for the wide array of media used, ranging from film, sound and video to digital media and mixed reality installations. His most recent projects such as The Black Box Sessions [2008-11] - shown in various interations, in the HAIP Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia [2008], at Architekturforum Oberösterrreich, Linz, Austria [2009] and at UTS Gallery, Sydney [2011] - and Häusliches Glück staged as part of European Capital of Culture in Linz, Austria [2009] - feature elaborate stagings of theatre-style experiences that combine the techniques of conjuring and magic with performance, music, digital media and video. Davies aim with these projects has been to investigate the experiential possibilities of actual and virtual presence.

Davies exhibitions include work shown in Primavera at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney in 2003, the International Symposium on Electonic Art (ISEA), Helsinki, Tallin, Baltic in 2004, the Simultan Festival, Romania in 2006, and at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan in 2008.

b. 1977
Birth place
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Period of activity 
from 1997

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