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video collection

1987 410 Sep  
AVF '87 - Video from South-East Asia, video collection

The Australian Video Festival, 1987

Videotapes from New York, video collection

In 1975, the National Gallery of Victoria purchased a collection of fourteen videotapes from New York. They were initially presented in the modern European Gallery (NGV: St Kilda Rd) on two monitors. The works were selected by Annette Dixon the then Curator of European Art at the NGV, and are...

1979 1 November1980 1 Mar  
Videotapes from Australia, video collection

Video Tapes from Australia a collection of Australian video compiled in 1979 by Stephen Jones (then at PVAC) and Bernice Murphy (then at AGNSW). Under the auspices of the Australian Gallery Directors Council, it travelled overseas to the US, with exhibitions at The Kitchen, New York; LAICA, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary...