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Clesthyra's Undoing, Interactive Video Installation

Interactive Multiuser Immersive Multimedia Environment by Tim Gruchy Commisioned for 2nd Asian Art Biennial, Taichung Clesthyra is a fictional mythological character from Neil Stephenson’s Anathem, who can see in all directions at once. This works breaks down and subverts that possibility. It subtly draws the audience’s attention within the 360º screen space,...

CoalFace, Out-of-Sync , Norie Neumark, Maria Miranda, Installation

Artist Statement: During a month-long residency at The Library Artspace in Melbourne we came face-to-face with coal in a slow and meditative process of looking, listening and waiting to see what unfolded.

Dreamscape 1, Installation

Av installation by Tim Gruchy A densely intricate series of slides with it’s delicate aural accompaniment all carefully built around the thread of a dream. Presented as a linear triptych with synchronised stereo soundscape, the hand made slide series was created using a layered process combining photocopy decay, graphic art camera manipulations...

Red Armchair, Installation

A spectator walks into a room to witness a projected image of a woman’s back seated on a red armchair. An identical chair is placed in the middle of the room where the spectator can sit facing the the back of the projected woman. On the floor...

Re_Squared, Cicada , installation with video

Documentation of Re_Squared a large scale, immersive, video performance by Cicada presented as part of the 2003 Primavera exhibition of the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the City of Sydneys Art and About public art festival. Visuals created and performed by Nick Ritar and Kirsten Bradley. Audio created and...

SCOUT - Sentient Co-realtor Of Urban Transaction, Interactive Video Installation

A permanent large scale public art sculpture commissioned by Cooper and Co. in conjunction with the Britomart Arts Trust on the site of Tukutai Square, Britomart, Auckland.

Shoreline, ACAB Collective , Installation

In ACAB’s work everyday waste is intermingled with neon pigment and glimmering projections of light, invoking a contemplative space. The past is interwoven with the future, proffering a new landscape, a different composition. From destruction can come growth.  Paradoxically technological progression is part of both the cause and the solution...

Space Over Time, Interactive Video Installation

Tim Gruchy interactive installation The piece is a walkin interactive installation. It involves software which takes an incoming video camera source and combines it with computor graphics to create an artificial reality environment. The interactor steps into a sensed zone in front of the camera to be confronted with their image...

WE LIVE IN YOUR WORLD, Mandy Pryse-Jones and Simon Savage , installation with video

This work consists of a video installation that investigates the idea of a collective consumer idiocy. Amongst other elements, flying craft seen in the video are abstractions of bank buildings. The coloured lines seen in the video represent growth from this relationship, for better or worse. We are massaged into...

In a few seconds across the ocean, Ian Andrews, Installation

In a Few Seconds Across the Ocean refers to, and interrogates a number of references from 20th century art that might broadly be described as a "poetics of radio (and noise)" ranging from the Futurist poetry of Marinetti, Klebnikov to Karlheinz Stockhausen’s 1966 work Hymnen: anthems for electronic and concrete...

L'apres-midi d'un avatar, Mathias Antlfinger, Ute Hoerner, Installation

HokusPokus, Michele Barker, Anna Munster, Interactive Video Installation

HokusPokus  examines illusionistic and performative aspects of magic to explore human perception, senses and movement. It takes inspiration from recent neuroscientific interest in magic as a way of unraveling the relations between vision and movement in human perception. A magician appears on 3 separate screens performing tricks...

2012 1928 Oct  
Impasse, Interactive Video Installation

Created by Denis Beaubois, William McLure and Jeff Stein. The Impasse project was part of the Melbourne Festival and sponsored by Dunlop Foams. Due to popular demand, attendance quotas to Impasse were tripled. More than 600 visitors experienced the Impasse and a number of visitors returned to become...

Desert Rain, Blast Theory, Installation

Fragment, Kirsty Boyle, Performance

In a conscious departure to explore alternative robot morphologies, behaviours and aesthetics I began producing a work titled 'fragment'. The work is a series of modular robots handcrafted in a range of different materials. I have primarily presented this work as a process oriented performance via installation.

2010 1324 Oct  
2010 530 May  
Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Lauren Brincat, Performance

In this performance, projection and installation, artist Lauren Brincat attempts to valiantly harness the power of the sun, reflecting its energy and warmth back towards the viewer. This double-act of reflection is performed using a crash cymbal from a drum kit. The artist uses the cymbal to...

Portasonde, Mark Brown, Allan Giddy, Jamil Yamani, Installation

Portasonde was a moblie site specific 3d sound field unit and media platform designed and developed by Mark Brown, Alllan Giddy and Jamil Yamani in collaboration with dLux Media Arts.

Kiru Umi No Yoni/Cutting Like the Ocean (Installation version), Peter Callas, Interactive Video Installation

installation incorporating video, 1983 Kaneko Art G1 Tokyo, (1983); Roslyn Oxley Gallery Sydney (1983); “Interface” University Gallery Adelaide (1984) Installation on which the tape Kiru Umi No Yoni is based.

Dream zone, Karen Casey, Installation

Karen Casey’s Dream zone (2012) emerges from the artist’s fascination with the relationship between human consciousness and our experience of the world.