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ACAB Collective

In ACAB’s work everyday waste is intermingled with neon pigment and glimmering projections of light, invoking a contemplative space. The past is interwoven with the future, proffering a new landscape, a different composition. From destruction can come growth.  Paradoxically technological progression is part of both the cause and the solution to environmental pressures.

ACAB attempt to rethink human actions and impulses: for instance, rather than attempting control over our environmental fate, the human hand could choose to act as a catalyst for change. An environmental crisis for one organism might be the next big break for another (as an asteroid was for the dinosaurs). Their practice yses material exploration to contextualise these changes and is an attempt towards a crucible for a positive change. Through synthesis of accumulated materials and the play of light; our works aim to activiate this change in perception. 


ACAB Collective, Shoreline, 2016, Mixed Media: water, silver acrylic, neon paint, e-waste, salt crystals, guitar wire, 2-part epoxy, sand, Styrofoam, expanding foam, concrete, plastic bags, silicone, UV light, projection. Dimensions variable