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installation with video

Re_Squared, Cicada , installation with video

Documentation of Re_Squared a large scale, immersive, video performance by Cicada presented as part of the 2003 Primavera exhibition of the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the City of Sydneys Art and About public art festival. Visuals created and performed by Nick Ritar and Kirsten Bradley. Audio created and...

WE LIVE IN YOUR WORLD, Mandy Pryse-Jones and Simon Savage , installation with video

This work consists of a video installation that investigates the idea of a collective consumer idiocy. Amongst other elements, flying craft seen in the video are abstractions of bank buildings. The coloured lines seen in the video represent growth from this relationship, for better or worse. We are massaged into...

1987 31 Aug 4 Oct  
AVF '87 Linea di Fuoco, Dennis Del Favero, installation with video

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. DENNIS DEL FAVERO AND FILEF - LINES OF FIRE Geoffrey Batchen

2012 21 Mar29 Apr  
Beautiful Cities, Adam Geczy, installation with video

Exhibition by Adam Geczy at Artspace, Sydney. 

2007 13 Apr20 May  
Buried Alive, Adam Geczy, installation with video

Exhibition by Adam Geczy at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

Virtual Reality Simulator, Robin Hungerford, installation with video

Sculpture with motorized turntable video camera and monitor.

Darkest Before Dawn, Nicholas Maurer, installation with video

Darkest Before Dawn is a surrealist abstract new media sculpture that uses the manipulation, reflection, surveillance and projection of the screen image to jointly celebrate and critique the power of mediated technology. Its increasing modes of communication/presentation and the control technology has over Us. The Voyager 1 spacecraft is right...

sub_scape, Kate Richards, Sarah Waterson, installation with video

subscape is a collaboration between new media artist Sarah Waterson, new media artist and producer Kate Richards,  MaxMSP Programming by Jon Drummond

Constriction, Jill Scott, Performance

The Constriction series is a work in four manifestations Constriction Part 1 (1982), 3/4” U-matic, colour, 14 mins.

Inside-Out (1976), Jill Scott, installation with video

Inside-Out (1976), performance, Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco) basement. With street access for spectators, surveillance video, light box, mice housed in aquarium.