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Video Screening

1991 9 November  
Australische Videos, Video Screening

8th Kasseler Dokumentar Film and Video Festival curated by Knut Gerwers Artists: Jane Parkes, Jill Scott, Peter Callas, Mark Elliot, Tony Kastantos, Ron Saunders & Pamela Williams, Gregory Ferris, John McCormack, John Gillies

1987 6 September  
AVF '87 - Special Presentation: German Video Art, Video Screening

The Australian Video Festival, 1987 SPECIAL PRESENTATION: GERMAN VIDEO ARTSunday 6th September, Video Lounge: 4pm-6pm

1987 410 Sep  
AVF '87 - Tapes from Europe, Video Screening

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. TAPES FROM EUROPEA Programme of Video Creation: Curated by Brian Langer

1987 410 Sep  
1987 4 September  
AVF '87 - Video - Art - Music - Performance Night, Video Screening

The Australian Video Festival, 1987 VIDEO – ART – MUSIC – PERFORMANCE NIGHT

2009 23 November  
Disappearing Video, Video Screening

Australian Video Art: some key works – screening 23rd October Total runtime 84 minutes Mad meshDavid Perry, 19684minIdea Demonstrations # 4Peter Kennedy 19712minIdea Demonstrations # 7Peter Kennedy 19712 minInterior with ViewsDavid Perry 19765 minEvaStephen Jones (music by Warren Burt and performance by Eva Karczag), 19783 min extractNocturnal B 1978Warren Burt3 min extractAsphixiation

1999 5 September  
Peter Callas: Initialising History, Video Screening

Peter Callas: Initialising History video works 1980-1999 selected and introduced by the artist The Art Gallery of New South Wales Domain Theater commissioned and produced by dLux media arts

1991 18 May  
Video Visions, Video Screening

New International and Australian video art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Domain Theatre. presented by Electronic Media Arts (Australia) Ltd

1998 3 4 Jun  
Mixed Bodies: Recent Australian Video, Video Screening

FIM!: Festival da Imagem en Movimento Mixed Bodies: Recent Australian Video appresentaçoa e curadoria / presented and curated by John Gillies quarta 3 junho / wed 3 june, 22.00h/ 10pm Local/Place: Sala Walter da Silveria Reprise: quinta 4 junho / Thursday 4 june, 20.00h / 8pm Local / place: Sala Alexandre Robatto Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

2009 3 Oct29 Nov  
Video Swell, Video Screening

Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery Road The Domain, Sydney A single and dual screening video program showcasing a selection of contemporary video art in Sydney. Shaun Gladwellscreening 2 - 18 October The Kingpinsscreening 20 October - 1 November TV Moore screening 2 - 15 November Kate Murphyscreening 16 - 29...