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Disappearing Video

23 November 2009

Australian Video Art: some key works – screening 23rd October

Total runtime 84 minutes

Mad mesh
David Perry, 1968
Idea Demonstrations # 4
Peter Kennedy 1971
Idea Demonstrations # 7
Peter Kennedy 1971
2 min
Interior with Views
David Perry 1976
5 min
Stephen Jones (music by Warren Burt and performance by Eva Karczag), 1978
3 min extract
Nocturnal B 1978
Warren Burt
3 min extract
Tsk tsk tsk (Philip Brophy, Maria Kozic, et al) 1979
4 min
Stephen Jones, 1979
4 min
Strategies for Goodbye
Eva Schramm & Gary Willis, 1982
excerpt 3 min
Inside Television
Built in Ghosts 1983
Night's High Noon: An Anti Terrain
Peter Callas, 1988
7:26 mins
Continental Drift
Jill Scott, 1993
John Gillies & The Sydney Front, 1991
5 min extract
Big Car Retread
Severed Heads, 1991
7 mins
Robot Cycle
Elena Popa 1992
3 min
Cardoso Flea Circus
Ross Harley + Maria Fernanda Cardoso, 1995
8 minutes
Love Hotel
Linda Wallace, 2000

Stephen Jones
Selected works from 1975-1994
TV Buddah, Stonehenge, Horizontal Music, SPK, Severed Heads etc.
Teleological Telecast from Spaceship Earth: On Board with Buckminster Fuller
Michael Glasheen
excerpt, 1970