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Primavera 2003

17 September 200330 November 2003

Primavera: Exhibition of Young Australian Artists is an annual MCA exhibition which showcases the work of Australian artists 35 years of age and under. Primavera 2003 responded to the theme of new media technologies. Curated by Julianne Pierce, Director of the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), it explores a range of concerns through screen and projection-based media, as well as digital photographs, sculpture, installation and sound.

Eight bodies of work were included in Primavera 2003, by six individual artists and two collaborative groups: Daniel Crooks (VIC), Alex Davies (NSW), Adam Donovan (QLD), Shaun Gladwell (NSW), Stephen Honegger & Anthony Hunt (VIC), Jonathan Jones (NSW), the Kingpins (NSW) and Mari Velonaki (NSW).

An additional, external element by Cicada (Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar, VIC) complemented the Museum’s exhibition and extended Primavera’s presence into the centre of Sydney. Cicada premiered a site-specific work as part of “Art & About”, presented by the City of Sydney and AMP.

List of Works:

Daniel Crooks
Time Slice: Metrograph
6 Channel video installation and 6 lambda prints
Video dimensions variable
Elevator No., Elevator No.2 - 240 x 20cm
Static No.1, Static No. 5, Static No. 6.
Static No.7
- 20 x 310 cm

Alex Davies
Filter Feeder
Responsive audio-visual installation (Video projection, sounds, sensors, goldfish and bowl)
Dimensions variable

Adam Donovan
Heterodyning Cage
Interactive audio-visual installation: computer, stereoscopic video projection, sculpture and movement sensors, sound projection
Dimensions Variable

Shaun Gladwell
Kickflipper: Fragments edit
Video projection
Videography: Michael Schiavello
Sound: Wade Marynowsky
Technical Support: Joshua Raymond

Stephen Honegger and Anthony Hunt
Timber, acrylic paint, audio visual hardware, DVD
240 x 240 x 600

Jonathan Jones
68 Fletcher, Bondi, 20:20, 8.6.03
Installation: extension cords, household light bulbs, movement sensors
Dimensions variable

The Kingpins
Welcome to the Jingle
Mixed media installation, video projection and sounds
Videographers: Gotaro Uematsu, Michael Schiavello, Nigel Begg
Sound: The Kingpins, Coven and Spanky
Make up and Prosthetics: Guiseppe Cannas
Stills Photographer: Liz Ham

Mari Velonaki in collaboration with Steve Scheding and David Rye
Projection on photodynamic suspended screen, built-in custom micro computer
80 x 60cm approx.
Performers: Melpo Papadopoulou and Leah Grycewicz

Cicada - Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar (with Ben Frost)
Video projections, slide projections, real-time video performance, surround sound, live audio performance.
Approx 1400 x 2600 x 500cm
Australia Square, Plaza Building, Pitt Street


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