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Komninos Zervos + Artec Residency


Komninos Zervos was ANAT's first Artist In Residence at Artec in London.

Komninos is well known in Australia as one of our foremost poets who works in performance. Since his attendance at ANAT's National Summer School in Brisbane in 1995, he has increasingly incorporated technology into not only in his performance based works, but also into the interpretation and presentation of his poetry. He also recently received an honourable mention at the Ars Electronica Festival for his seminal Cyberpoetry web site.

Artec is a London based organisation which develops innovative and experimental uses of digital communications media and is committed to the creative application of digital technologyto provide new tools and channels for communication. Artec encourages critical debate about the cultural impact of new technology and provides access to training and production facilities, within a strong framework of an equal opportunities policy. Its programs include the production of CDROM work, artists' residencies, developing multimedia in museums and galleries, education and internet projects. Artec assisted Komninos by providing him with access to their 'community'as well as providing him with resources, server space, curatorial backup and contacts.

The project was a follow on from the Virogenesis project which ANAT had run over 1995 and 1996, bringing UK and Italian artists to Australia. Graham Harwood, who works at Artec, visited Australia as part of this project in late 1995.

ANAT has continued to liaise with Artec since this visit. Artec, like ANAT, is very keen to foster international collaborations. During his residency, Komninos developed a CDROM of his cyberpoetry, as well as establishing links with UK performance poets. He has recently been performing cyberpoetry with a video projector and carrying out "performance essays" which are fusions of theory, performance and cyberpoetry. 

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