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Deep Immersion: Creative Collaboration


In 1997 ANAT with support from the Australia Council, activated the deep immersion project with a series of online residencies 'deep immersion: creative collaborations'.

One of ANAT's primary aims since its inception has been to facilitate situations whereby artists can spend concentrated periods of time researching new ideas, acquiring new skills, forming fruitful collaborations, playing with new media and developing new bodies of work.

The overall intention was to foster and facilitate placements and relationships whereby artists can come together to germinate their ideas, test their hypotheses, develop new processes and create new works through a period of 'deep immersion' in a suitable ideas/technology culture.

The first two residencies within this framework of this project were undertaken in 1997 by Terri-ann White and Keith Netto. In 1998 the final two residencies were undertaken by low key operations and nude productions and elendil.

On October 25, the deep immersion: creative collaborations initiative was officially launched at an event at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide, the central website linking to the four individual projects was unveiled at an event featuring artists presentations by Keith Netto and elendil. The two projects by low key operations and nude productions and Terri-Ann White were available for viewing in the foyer of the Cinema. This project was curated by ANAT's Director, Amanda McDonald Crowley.

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