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1996 320 Oct  
Scanner - aka Robin Rimbaud - Tour, Talk

Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud is a London-based very nomadic sound artist, composer and DJ who works both as an individual artist and in collaboration with other musicians, choreographers, performance artists, writers and filmmakers.

Kaye Mortley, Sound

Kaye Mortley is Australian by birth but since 1981 has worked as an independent documentary maker based in Paris, producing for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, France Culture, and for state broadcasting companies in Europe and elsewhere. Mortley's cinematic radio productions have received numerous awards from the Prix...

Struck, Michele Barker, Anna Munster, Video Installation

Struck is a multi-channel video and sound installation that questions how we are able to gain an ‘understanding’ of disease through interpreting medical data and imaging. The piece addresses the development and implications of visualization techniques as they are used in the detection and interpretation of...

Esker, Peter Blamey, Sound

Marine, A little lexicon, Rodlolphe Blois, Sound

2010 530 May  
Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Lauren Brincat, Performance

In this performance, projection and installation, artist Lauren Brincat attempts to valiantly harness the power of the sun, reflecting its energy and warmth back towards the viewer. This double-act of reflection is performed using a crash cymbal from a drum kit. The artist uses the cymbal to...

Elevator, Vicky Browne, Sound

Kerr, Vicky Browne, Sound

James Hullick, Sound

Australian sound artist James Hullick's arts practice is wide ranging. His arts career began in the form of solo pianist, vocalist and composer. He was taught by Felix Werder (Australia/Germany), James Tenney (USA) Warren Burt (Australia/USA) and briefly by Liza Lim (Australia). As a young man...

Drawing a Blank, Ben Byrne, Sound

Friction, Tim Catlin, Sound

Mirage, Tim Catlin, Sound

La Respiration des Saintes, Charlie Charlie, Sound