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Teri Hoskin


Dr Teri Hoskin is a writer, artist and thinker who has been working across digital and print technologies since the early 90's. The move from literary to visual culture has been an abiding force in her practice. Her writing, essays and reviews have been published internationally and nationally in art, writing and culture magazines and online. She has designed, edited, built, and managed numerous websites. Virtual Catastrophes, her doctoral thesis by research in Architecture and Design, was a performative examination of the role of internet technologies and immaterial architectures in the making of space and time.

From 1997 she has managed & designed, edited, coded et al eWRe (the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble). As a long running project (pre Web 2.0 days) eWRe acted as a site for many Australian and International visual artists, writers, architects to speculate and engage with the potentials for research and writing in the electronic realm. eWRe has been archived by NLA’s Pandora for many years. Apart from her own numerous web-based works Teri has designed and built key websites for many artists including Linda Marie Walker (an Archaeology of surfaces), and the Noon Quilt for TrAce in the UK, and for the Visual Arts & Design Research Group, UNISA.

Hoskins most recent positions include curator at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, and engagement facilitator with 5000+, a project of the Integrated Design Commission, Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

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