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1987 410 Sep  
1979 1 November1980 31 May  
Videotapes from Australia. Report on return. (1980), Text: Report or Article


Victoria Lynn, Curator

Victoria Lynn is a curator, writer and essayist. She was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1963 and was appointed Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of NSW in 1987. From 1991 until 2001 she served as curator of Contemporary Art. During her tenure at the AGNSW she curated...

The Ground, the Sky and the Island, Steven Ball, Video

This video reworks photographs, super 8 film, sound and anecdotal text from...

Cabinet of Madame Tussaud, Barbara Campbell, Film

"Madame Tussaud learnt her skills of wax modelling during the French Revolution. The Terror provided her with models more often dead than alive. The story of Madame Tussaud is woven around the great portrait machine of the revolution - the guillotine. Descriptions of its awesome efficiency and her gruesome task...

1990 1024 Mar  
Matinaze 1990, Film and Video Exhibition

A selection of Australian film and video art presented by the Sydney Super 8 Film Group at the Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW during March 1990. It featured works by Victoria Dawson, Melanie El Mir, Dennis Wilcox and Derek Kreckler, Liz Watts, David Opitz, Rosie Cross, Stephen Cummings, Barbara Campbell,...

Cantrills Filmnotes, Magazine

Video articles in Cantrills Filmnotes

1988 20 Apr 1 May  
Splash: The Sydney Film & Video Event, Film and Video Exhibition

Splash: The Sydney Film & Video Event April 20 – May 1, 1988 Event Co-ordinator: Simon Cooper Forums Co-ordinator: Susan Charlton A program of film and video art screenings held in Sydney.

1987 31 Aug 4 Oct  
AVF '87 Linea di Fuoco, Dennis Del Favero, installation with video

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. DENNIS DEL FAVERO AND FILEF - LINES OF FIRE Geoffrey Batchen

John Conomos, Artist

John Conomos is a writer, artist and theorist. In addition to his exhibitions, he has written extensively on film, video and the visual arts, as he seeks to chart a path between the practice of the essay as a written form but also as an ongoing practice across video, films,...

Regions, Single channel video work

This is the video recorded from the performance of improvised music, dance and visuals presented by The Department of Music, University of Queensland in October, 1975. As described on the Regions Programme sheet:

Stephen Jones interviewed by Ian Howard, Interview

The following interview was recorded for an ABC educational programme, sometime after my show Open Processes at Watters Gallery in February 1977. In it I sum up the way I thought about video and communications as a feedback driven two-way communications process.

Skids, Brendan Lee, Video

Into the Void, Sam Smith, Video