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Weather you realise

Luschia Porter

Weather you realise is a collaboration between Luschia Porter, Andy Dexterity and Justina Grubski, to put sign language on a platform, to be celebrated as art. Sign language is a very immediate language, devoid of too many superfluous layers or filters. When one witnesses a signed language in a receptive state, a physical response is had and an emotional connection between the sender and receiver is established. A high potential of empathy within the human organism lays dormant when communicating with the physical body (and might not be woken with only words). Here, sign language is being incorporated to create a platform for all these potential audiences to meet and also to celebrate the language as an artform in itself and to explore the potential and versatility of visual communications.

One of Andy Dexterity's motives is to make sign language accessible to all people, independent from disability. He is driven to put sign language on a platform that will let it be celebrated as an art form and something that is beautiful. Our overall conceptual framework for our video looks at the idea of the human body as an extension of the land, expressing on behalf of the planet, existing as an open, receptive channel to allow the earth to express itself through us.

Luschia Porter with Andy Dexterity and Justina Grubski, Weather you realise, 2014, digital video including animation, audio, 2:34 min