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Leigh Hobba

Propositions is an investigation and development of a series of propositions, expressed through dance-performance and music, involving interdisciplinary collaborations, generated from ideas of absence, deep stories and moving stillness.

Through on-going improvisations and a series of creative laboratory encounters, artists Wendy Morrow (dance) and Leigh Hobba (image, sound and text) developed a collection of discreet propositions consisting of combinations of live dance performance, music, sound, image and text.

Trevor Patrick (dance) has contributed to these ideas at intervals through the project from Myrtleford, Victoria.

As propositions they are intended to be viewed are proposal's that are open to generative responses from other practitioners and theorists within, but not limited to, the disciplines of philosophy, literature, (art) history, dance, new media, sound and music.

Propositions is both a presentation and installation that merges earlier material with the results of a residency with the three artists and Kevin Leong (multi-media) at CAST in early January 2010.

PROPOSITIONS/Wendy Morrow/Leigh Hobba, – via Vimeo