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Get 2 Work

Get To Work

Get 2 Work welcomes viewers into a world of play and observation. Through the immersive environment, the work acts as a meeting space that allows audiences to explore the relationships,  specific body movements, visuals and sounds created when categorising identities in Australia. Operating in accordance to their cultural backgrounds, Get 2 Work explores the artists’ feelings, experiences, perspectives and ideas about the world in which they have grown up in as young culturally diverse females in Australia. The collective’s cultural background (Tracy Quan being of Chinese and Solomon Islander decent, and Georgia and Paris Taia being of Polynesian and Anglo Australian heritage) is considered when using cultural cues that are identifiable yet blurred, or even un-categorical. The pursuit to find social belonging is humorously explored through music and dance, relieving the potential pressures to be culturally categorised. Get 2 Work also aims to delve into the lifestyles of young women in Australia as a whole; their struggles to belong or develop a sense of self and become contributing members of society.


Get To Work, Get 2 Work, 2015, digital video, audio, 2:38min