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AVF '87 - Music Video awards entries

7 September 1987

[2nd AVF catalogue pp.82-83]


Axolotl - Star Club: Red Zone
Four minutes of madness involving 'Star Club’, a Japanese punk band.

Pippa Bailey / Rosie Waitt / Pedro Troche - No Diving
A montage of images depicting alienation, internal and external.

Bondi CYSS Video Production
Drama-comedy satire; hassles of a businessman.

Kim Bowler / Chantel Manning-Knight - The Terrible Twins: Waking the Witch
A witch in the 16th century is discovered and pursued by her persecutors. She eventually escapes with the aid of her familiar - the blackbird.

Giles Bozec - Belly Dance Disco: 210 Soul
Centres around the singer and his private life on the breadline opposed to his time with the band in the limelight of public life.

Kate Brady / Sebastian Syder / Andre Leu - The Meta Media Show
A Max Headroom style talkback show discussing the relation of the image to the 'real' and a video clip.

Mark Brouggy (Catholic Audio-Visual Centre) - Let Our Choice Be Peace
A low-band video clip for the year of Peace,

Warren Burt - String Trio #2
A video tape where the sounds of the environment determined every aspect of the piece.

David Chesworth - Insatiable
Four people arrive at an old theatre for audition. Through songs and arias we find out more about their past. Produced by Open Channel Co-op Ltd.

Geoff Clifton / Andre Leu - Power
Video about the institution of violence by the state - focussing on the Bathurst riots of 1985.

Mark Cochrane / Susan Davis - Take a Walk On The Wild Side
One continuous shot, filmed at quarter speed of a face being made up and then destroyed,

Ian Colley - Samurai Trash: Natty Trash
This is a humorous depiction of a band on the road. They travel into outerspace, discover Black Planet, play and come back to earth.

Bradley Cox / Helena Chang / Paul Huad - The Jiving Gargoyles: Frog
A short, spontaneous music clip of Brisbane,

Simon Day – Ratcat: Razor Blades
A comment on today’s social culture, a look at one way out.

Tom Dusevic - Help Save the Youth of America
A literal interpretation of Billy Bragg's song of the same name.

Electronic Data Corporation - Electronic Data
Processed drive through a city.

John Foray - Eyebrow Opera: Wild

Greg Ferguson (Technical Director - Stephen Jones) - The Hard Ons: All Set To Go

Gregory Ferris - Not Now Miss: I Ain't So Bad
A Lawn Mower Fantasy

Amanda Gillespie - Kitsh and Synth
Set to music written by Elizabeth Jamieson a video clip on two housewives with a bright idea.

Michael John Gilmore (Shoddy Productions) - Too Much Acid

Mary-Anne Green - Eggenburgers and Battery Hens: Eggenburgers and Battery Hens Live
Psycho Jazz Spasm original music with dancing girls.

Tim Gruchy - Clout
From performance 'Fine Fragments'

Ian Haig - Something to do with a Rock Clip
A video studio, a rock band and a special effects generator.

Vicki Hansen – Poker
Newspapers take over humans in a park one day.

Ulli Hansen / Phil Watts - Liquid Light
Reflections of sunlight and trees on flowing water.

Pamela Harris - Bird Dog
The idea in this video generates from the WORDS in the song called 'Bird Dog' sung by the Everly Bros.

lan Hartley - Love Cage: Bang Bang
Montage Music Video

David Hawthorne - Smash Mac Mac: Loth for Men
The story of a girl’s struggle against being trapped by men.

Paul Hoad - Groovy Things: Imagining Things
Sixties style song utilizing paint and compression video effects.

Ilmar Karuso - Bring Philip: Comforts

Nick Kebbell - Who Could Say

Kim, Yang Il (CN-3 Productions) - Street
Foreign music clip, about a guy waiting for his girl who doesn't turn up.

John Kouladuzos - Sam Vartuli: Over You
Shot in the hills of Katoomba using video overlays.

Andre Leu - Brilliant
Part animated part live footage - treated images concept.

Andre Leu - Experts
Animated video where emphasis is placed on rhythm rather than narrative, form or colour.

David Levell/Neil Mansfield - The Vultees: Miles Away
The Vultees performing live May 1987.

Jose Macalino - We are so pretty?
The moon that the artists and mystics have been visiting for quite a while.

Matraville CYSS Video Production - Computer Control

Meaningful Eye Contact - Crowded House: Don't Dream It's Over
A visual trip down memory lane - the viewer watches Crowded House pass through the rooms of their childhood.

Philip Mortlock/Philip Deamer - Flotsom Jetsom: Power
Music Video shot totally on the new Panacam Video system.

Darren Nelson - McEnroe Caricature
A send up of John McEnroe cut to music.

David Quon / Ronald McCulloch (Sakura Productions) - Crocodile Queen
Home Movie of trip to Bali.

Greg Rapmund (Phantom Possum Productions) - No Taste No Comment / Dragon Quest
Original Dance/drama performed by Temple Theatre November 1986. “Invisable Partners" Vision Dance Co. Performance

Charlie Revai - Ship of Fools: Round and Round
A visual interpretation of depression.

Ashley Scott - Hot Hot Hot for Cold Cold You
Something in the sky, some kind of disturbance.

Paul Scott / Stephen Stockwell - Mutant Death: Priority One: Pigs Bum
This is Bob Hawke's Australia and it is a terrible place to be young and hungry.

Random Beat Testing - Big Things
Why is Queensland dominated by Big Things: The Big Cow, The Big Pineapple and Ruzz Hinze.

Shawn Seet - Disguised as Meet
A short expressionistic narrative set to music exploring fetishism in social relationships.

Kent Smith - Albinoni Adaagio
To promote classical music in a similar successful way to rock video clips.

Sylvester Sole - Spring After War: Where Ships Sail

Frances Sutherland (Independent Video) - Snow
Snow fails in Canberra.

Kyrn Stevens - Blah Blah Blah: The Bob Hawke Walk

Mary Szental - Make A Wish
Using the improvisational dance form, "Contact Dance', and images of the sea, the video was made to communicate and inspire peace.

Jo Tauro -Butchered Babies: Where's My House
Dance performance abstract dedicated to the Year of the Homeless

A Mirror's Performance
Dance Performance viewed through a cracked mirror's reflection.

Peter Westheimer / James Bogel - Move

Peter Westheimer / Jeff Bruer - Sooner than laughter: State of Summer

John Whitteron - Hoodoo Gurus: What's My Scene
A band tries to find its identity.

Toby Zoates - Dorian Dowse: House of Distraction
Music clip for Dorian about a house with a lot of frantic and choreographed dancing.

Guttersnipes: All that Money
Shot in Darlinghurst, Lord Roberts Hotel and inner-city clubs over 8 years of famous and failed bands.

Scribble - Sunday School
Girl remembers affair with aboriginal in the '50's,

Compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones
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Catalogue image for Flicker by Meaningful Eye Contact – from Meaningful Eye Contact - Flicker (1985) 
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