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2000 9 Jun 1 Jul  
Custom Made, One person exhibition

David Rosetzky: Custom Made, Centre for Contemporary Photography

D-1 Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

D-1 was digital recording video standard introduced through the efforts of the SMPTE engineering committees. It began as a Sony and Bosch product, and was the first major professional digital video format. 

D-2 Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

The D-2 tape format was developed by Ampex and others working through a standards group of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). D-2 was a professional digital recording videocassette format introduced as a lower-cost alternative to the D-1 format.

1998 927 Jun 98, Screening replaces MATINAZE (1991-1997 inclusive)

1999 99 film | video | animation, Screening

At the 46th Sydney Film Festival

2000 8 Jun 2 Jul  
d>Art 00 Exhibition, Exhibition

This year dLux had been invited for the first time to exhibit the cd-rom, web and sound component of d>art 00 at City Exhibition Space in Customs House

2001 1420 Jun  
D>Art.05 Forum, seminar/forum

The D>Art.O5 Forum explored the histories and near future of distributed art in a networked age. The program was divided into three thematic sessions with leading speakers from the arts, business and legal professions exploring the key issues and technologies that are shaping the contemporary media environment.