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Ros Bandt, Artist

Ros Bandt is an interdisciplinary sound installation artist, composer,performer and curator.Over the past twenty-five years she has been researching sound design and have been implementing the fruits of that research as an internationally recognised practising sound artist.

Barbara Cleveland, Artist

Barbara Cleveland is an artist led collective directed by Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley and Diana Baker Smith. Working together for ten years under the title of Brown Council, the collective transitioned to Barbara Cleveland in 2016, taking their name from the mythic feminist performance artist (Barbara Cleveland) –...

Ella Barclay, Artist

Ella Barclay (B.1981 Bendigo) is an artist concerned with the transfixing, impulsive and intuitive behaviours brought about by new technologies often making installations that involve the projection of video onto water, steam and ice. In 2006 she obtained an MSc. in Digital Media with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh, courtesy of...

Leah Barclay, Artist

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Leah Barclay is a composer, sound artist and creative producer working at the intersection of art, science, technology and the environment. Her work has been commissioned, performed and exhibited to wide acclaim across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Europe, India, China...

Simon Baré, Artist

Originally from New Zealand, Simon Baré has worked as a writer, director and editor on everything from short films to documentary to children’s TV. His first short film Eau de la Vie was an official Cannes selection as well as winning a series of international awards. Since...

Glenn Barkley, Curator

Glenn joined the Museum of Contemporary Art as Curator in 2008 where he has led major curatorial projects including Almanac: The Gift of Ann Lewis AO (2009-10), Making it New: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art (2009) and avoiding myth & message: Australian artists and the literary world (2009).

Tim Barrass, Artist

Tim Barrass experiments with neural nets, genetic algorithms and multi-agent systems to make animation and sound. Since the mid-1990s he has been the musician with an acrobatic troupe, performing around the world. He is currently studying for a masters degree in new media at Melbourne University School of Creative Arts....

Virginia Barratt, Artist

Virginia Barratt has recently completed a degree in creative writing at Southern Cross University, NSW, Australia and will shortly begin an Honours Scholarship. She is a published writer, performance artist and poet.

Geoffery Batchen, Writer

Geoffrey Batchen's work as a teacher, writer and curator focuses on the history of photography. He is particularly interested in the way that photography mediates every other aspect of modern life, whether we're talking about sex or war, atoms or planets, commerce or art. This makes photography a particularly challenging...

Richard Bell, Artist

Richard Bell is an Indigenous Australian (Kamilaroi) artist who lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. Known primarily as painter, Bell’s work appropriates elements of the work of artists such as Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Sidney Nolan and Imants Tillers into pointed commentaries on the cultural relationships between Aboriginal people and...

Guy Ben- Ary, Artist

Guy Ben-Ary is an artist and a researcher whose work uses emerging medias, in particular biologically related technologies (tissue culture, tissue engineering, electrophysiology and optics). Ben-Ary is an artist in resident in SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia, Perth, WA, since 2000. He specializes in microscopy (light, confocal and...

Ross Bencina, Artist

Ross is a composer, performer and software developer based in Melbourne.He is most interested in improvised electronic music, sound synthesis and sound design. He makes a living implementing software synthesizers and digital audio systems.