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1991 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

The Third National Summer School in Computer Aided Art, Design and Manufacture (CAADM) for artists, craftworkers and designers was held at the Advanced Technology Education Centre, Regency College of TAFE for four weeks during January 1991.

Code Red, workshop/masterclass

CODE RED continued an ongoing international artists project which ANAT began in 1995 with Virogenesist, curated by Francesca da Rimini.

2001 October  
TILT, workshop/masterclass

In October 2001, ANAT partnered with dLux Media Arts, Imperial Slacks, House of Laudanum and Metro Screen to present TILT (Trans-global Independent Lateral Tactics), a dynamic conference and workshop event on tactical media which was held at various locations around Sydney.

2005 December + the-phone-book Masterclass, workshop/masterclass

As part of the program a train-the-trainer master class was held in December 05 with international artist group the-phone-book ltd.

2004 22 Aug 9 Sep  
Indigenous New Media Lab 2004, workshop/masterclass

“binnung woolah dahgo” (listening talking together)

Time_Place_Space3, workshop/masterclass

Time_Place_Space3 was the third laboratory of a five-year initiative that aims to challenge, invigorate and strengthen hybrid arts practice in Australia.

1990 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

ANAT’s 1990 National Summer School in Computer Aided Art, Design and Manufacture

2002 September  
BORDERPANIC 2002, Exhibition

BORDERPANIC was a project in September 2002, held in Sydney, that brought together artists, media makers and thinkers who are questioning the world's geopolitical and metaphorical borders.

Create_Space New Media Lab, workshop/masterclass

In 2005 ANAT partnered with the City of Melbourne’s Art House program and held the ANAT New Media Lab 2005 Create_Space at the newly refurbished Meat Market in North Melbourne.

1995 928 Jan  
1995 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

ANAT's 1995 Summer School was staged at the Academy for the Arts, Queensland University of Technology.

Biomachines, Festival

Biomachines, devised and curated by Julianne Pierce, David Cranswick and Tim Boykett, was an autonomous entertainment area, comprising robots, machines, fire and sound. Part factory, part performance space, part club - an interactive underworld of games, entertainment and sonic reverberations.

1999 324 Jul  
1999 National Indigenous School in New Media Art, workshop/masterclass

The inaugural school designed specifically for Indigenous artists took place from 3 - 24 July, 1999 at Northern Territory University in Darwin. The Indigenous National School was project managed by Indigenous artist, curator, writer, lecturer and consultant, Brenda L Croft (Gurindji). Although other annual ANAT Summer Schools...

Scismic Project, Residency

The Scismic Project was also supported by ANAT as part of Deep Immersion: Scientific Serendipity.

Luminosity, workshop/masterclass

During 2004 ANAT worked closely with Adelaide City Council (ACC) on the development of the Luminosity project.

Verve: The Other Writing, seminar/forum

For the Telstra Adelaide Festival 2000, ANAT and the Contemporary Art Centre of SA, presented Verve: The Other Writing.

1991 July  
1991 Winter School, workshop/masterclass

In July 1991, ANAT held the first of its Winter Schools in Computer Aided Art, Design and Manufacture.

Resistant Media - NxT, workshop/masterclass

In 1999 ANAT worked very closely with NxT - Northern Territory Xposure, the Territory's first Multimedia Symposium on the development of their program.

Super Human: Revolution of the Species, workshop/masterclass

A suite of events Inspired by the 150th publication anniversary of The Origin of Species, Darwin’s evolutionary treatise

National Indigenous School in New Media Arts (NISNMA), workshop/masterclass

As a part of its ongoing commitment to training and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, ANAT co-ordinated the second National Indigenous School in New Media Arts.

1994 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

The Fifth National summer School in Computer Aided Art & Design was staged at Curtin University, Perth.  Perth based artist and Curtin University Computer Centre employee, Sue Perry coordinated the equipment needs of the school and then went on to provide valuable, patient tuition. Adelaide based artist, John Tonkin was...

1996 January  
1996 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

In January 1996 the seventh National Summer School in Computer Generated Art and Interactive Multimedia for Artists was held at the Institute of the Arts Lab at the Australian National University in association with the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology (ACAT).

1999 1129 Jan  
1999 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

Fourteen artists from across Australia participated in the 1999 National Summer School in Science and Art, coordinated by ANAT at Metro Screen, Sydney, NSW, 11 - 29 January, 1999.