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'Messiaen at Mt Keira', Kurt Brereton, Video


Hear This, Lauren Brincat, Single channel video work

Video documentation of an action

It's a Long Way to the Top, Lauren Brincat, Single channel video work

Winner of the 2009 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Artspace, Sydney.

Snare the Sea, Lauren Brincat, Single channel video work

Documentation of an action High Definition video 16:9, colour, sound

Evaporated Music 1, Philip Brophy, Video

Dolby Digital 5.1 DVD, sound, 27:00 minutes Part 1 (a) 3:57 minutesPart 1 (b) 2:57 minutesPart 1 (c) 3:31 minutesPart 1 (d) 6:09 minutesPart 1 (e) 4:24 minutesPart 1 (f) 4:28 minutes

Appearing Act, Brown Council, Video

In Appearing Act the four members of Brown Council magically ‘appear’ out of thin air through simple, home-made trickery. What is ostensibly an empty, black video frame is pierced by a handsaw. Shrouded in a cloud of smoke, each member of Brown Council clumsily climb through...

Big Show, Brown Council, Video

Disappearing Act, Brown Council, Video

Set against a stark black backdrop, the four members of Brown Council perform a literal act of disappearance. The locked off camera is placed at the beginning of a hand made cardboard tunnel, which intermittently omits an impotent puff of smoke lit up by a single light...

Encore, Brown Council, Video

In Encore the theatrical tradition of the curtain call is reduced to a task-based endurance performance. The screen becomes a theatrical stage space in which the four members of Brown Council repeatedly bow for a performance the audience never sees.

Milkshake, Brown Council, Video

Videographer: William Mansfield Music Track: Milkshake, Kelis In Milkshake, Brown Council perform a grotesque hip-hop dance sequence that pushes physical limitations. Donned in hand made skeleton suits Brown Council literally perform the lyrics of Kelis’ Milkshake song by drinking one litre of milk while attempting...

One Hour Laugh, Brown Council, Video

One Hour Laugh depicts Brown Council enacting a routine of endurance laughter. Over the course of the hour their laughter travels between tedium to strain, to genuine hilarity, to humiliation. Brown Council’s unsettling laughter parodies the austerity of performance art documentation through...

Runaway, Brown Council, Video

Videographer: William Mansfield Music Track: Runaway, Kevin Blechdom In Runaway theatricality and the filmic converge in an emotive explosion of fake blood, fake sweat and fake tits. Through the darkness a female figure runs in slow motion, spurted in blood, her top ripped open and...

This is Barbara Cleveland, Brown Council, Video

This is Barbara Cleveland  pays tribute to the life and work of the mythic Australian performance artist Barbara Cleveland. In this work Brown Council re-perform a series of lectures given by Cleveland shortly before her death in 1981. These lectures are meditations on performance, history and memory, and through their...

What Do I Do? 1970-2009, Brown Council, Video

In What Do I Do? (1970-2009) Brown Council appropriate two seminal performance works by Vito Acconci from the 1970s. This work explores notions of the Australian artist as a shadower to European and American art histories and considers the weight of these histories in current practice...

Work in Progress: Dawn to Dusk, Brown Council, Video

In an endurance piece of performative group work, the four members of Brown Council take turns to hammer a wooden post into the ground with a mallet. Dressed in identical blue overalls and white tee-shirts the women continue their task silently in a paddock from 6am until...

Material Landscapes, Tim Buchanan, Video

Tim Buchanan is currently creating virtual reality environments using devices such as the oculus rift.  He begins the process by living intimately with A3 or larger scale paper material on his person for long durations (a week at the very least). After the set duration of living with the material,...

Berlin 2012, Frazer Bull-Clark, Single channel video work

Berlin 2012 is a single channel video work that presents the walls of a train station from the view of a moving train. The work is a collaboration between myself and the artist and musician Advait Thakur, who grew up in Canberra and currently resides in the United States. I...

A Guided Tour to the Caves of Uranus, Warren Burt, Video

A Guided Tour to the Caves of Uranus 1974, colour, NTSC, video and sound synthesis, 23 mins. Performed: UCSD, 1975; Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles 1975; Clifton Hill Community Music Centre (CHCMC), Melbourne, 1976.

Danger Dance, Warren Burt, Video

 Danger Dance1978, PAL colour, sound.

Fatty Acid: The School of Cage, Warren Burt, Single channel video work

Fatty Acid: The School of Cage 1975, b&w, NTSC. Performed: UCSD, 1975; documentary video tape in collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy and David Dunn, camera work by Ed Emshwiller, 45 mins.

Nighthawk, Warren Burt, Video

Nighthawk 1972-76, videotape, 4 channel tape, slides, and live performer. Solo opera, 3 ½ hours.

Salt 81:80:63, Warren Burt, Video

Salt 81:80:631978, color PAL modified live video and synthesized sound. A realization of Alvin Lucier's "Queen of the South" perf. La Trobe Uni 1979 (6 mins)

Searching for Echoes at Launching Place, Warren Burt, Video

Searching for Echoes at Launching Place1978, colour, sound, u-Matic videotape, 20 mins.

Shadowdrum, Warren Burt, Video

Shadowdrum 1977, colour, PAL, modified live video and timpani.Collaboration with John McCaughey, tape performed at:La Trobe Uni. 1978 (20 mins) (Available format: ¾ inch PAL U-matic master)