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On the Yangtze, Bryden Williams, Video

The Yangtze River is the largest river in Asia, spanning thousands of kilometres across Mainland China. As part of my creative interest in the resource of water in contemporary environments and...

And the Leopard Looked Like Me!, Gary Willis, Performance

Performance & Videotape: with Richard Boulez; Soundtrack - Paul Grabowski; “A psychedelic, aggro-expressionist, heavy metal, video comic strip abstract of the artists' experience in New York.”1 Performances;1980 - ‘I & I’ Studio, Brunswick Street, Melbourne.1980 (March) Adelaide Festival for the Arts - Fringe.ACT 2 Performance Festival Canberra. 1. AFI Projections guide to NU...

Is This What You Call Love?, Gary Willis, Video

Collaborative video with Eva Schramm. Soundtrack: Ken Guntar A television event: 6 x 30sec commercials presented on late night TV. Shown on ATN–9: Television Adelaide during the 1980 Adelaide Festival for the Arts, and CTC–7: Television Canberra during the ACT 2 Performance Festival Canberra. Sydney Biennale 1982 – Studio Access Project: TE VE TABU, (23 April, 1982)

Strategies for Goodbye, Gary Willis, Video

Manifesto and Video: with Eva SchrammManifesto Broadcast - 3 CR Melbourne Originally exhibited at Reconnaissance Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC, June 1981. “... lunges out at the viewer and draws them in. Your attention is essential – who wants to miss the point”1 Also exhibited at: 1. AFI Projections guide to NU VIEW, December 1982.

Te Ve Vu Du, Gary Willis, Video

Video work with Eva Schramm Exhibited at: Clifton Hill New Music Centre, Melbourne, (June 1980). Adelaide Festival for the Arts - Fringe Sydney Biennale 1982 – Studio Access Project: TE VE TABU, (23 April, 1982) Institute of Modern Art: Gary Willis, The Five Senses, 1982 (5-30 October), Lectures and video tapes showing. Anzart: Videos from Australia. (1983) VIDEOLA – Curated...

Al Arm, Jamil Yamani, Video

Made in America, Jamil Yamani, Video

Five Production Company Logos in 3D, Emile Zile , Video

Five production company logos in 3D, 2.22 min Arthritic After Effects. Cinema 4D in tendons and flesh. Flexible 3D modelling.

Larry Emdur's Suit, Emile Zile , Video

Feed, Danielle Zorbas, Video

Connecting otherwise disparate images captured across parts of Europe and Australia as cross-referenced landscapes and portraits, FEED gleans from the mind's plastic loop self-in-flux; the experience of ‘context collapse’, playing travel as trip, tourism as capital.   Danielle Zorbas, Feed, 2015, digital video, audio, 4:59 min

Drift, Oliver Zwink, Video

Oliver Zwink, Germany, Drift 2, 31 mins, 1999