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1985 January  
Julian Morgan - Itchin' in the Kitchen (1985)

ITCHIN IN THE KITCHEN, 1985. 4 mins. Video by Julian Morgan Music by Anibus Form

1986 January  
Peter Fox - Video Synthesis (1986)


Buckminster Fuller

Mick Glasheen at first films, and then uses video to record lectures by Buckminster Fuller at UNSW.

1986 January  
Video/Culture, Group Exhibition

A travelling exhibition drawn from video works shown within the Australian Video Festival 1986. Project co-ordinator: Brian Langer Catalogue Design: Eddy Jokovich Introduction 

1976 912 Aug  
Films and Videotapes by David Perry, Film and Video Exhibition

Towards the end of his residency at Griffith Artworks David Perry presented two evenings of his works at the IMA, Brisbane. On the evening of the 9th, as well as showing early films, he showed: Utopian Memory Banks present Fragments from the Past, Interior with Views, andNear Redland Bay, 1975/76 and gave a...

Alluvium (1983), Jill Scott, Single channel video work

Alluvium (1983) Shown at:Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery – Sydney, Australia.26 May–11 June, 1983.

Double Dream (1985), Jill Scott, Videotape

Double Dream (1985)Videotape (media critical narrative) and video installation. Sound track from environmental sound sampled on Fairlight CMI

Double Space (1985), Jill Scott, Single channel video work

Double Space (1985)Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia. 6-24 August, 1985