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Bio Tek Kitchen, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Interactive Video Installation

Players clean up the kitchen laboratory of a home biotech enthusiast using weapons such as dish cloths and egg flippers. The player is attacked by nasty mutant vegetables which are the product of genetic nouvelle cuisine, and learns throughout the game of a world wide corporate...

Dream Kitchen, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, 3D Animation

Beneath the surface of this banal domestic world runs a parallel interior zone populated with inspirited objects. This subterranean zone could be interpreted in many ways: a catalogue of dread, a cabinet of memories, an archive of fantasies. Occasionally, you stumble through a ‘leaky border’ into...

Floating Territories, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Installation

an installation combining distributed printed cards, swipe card reader, abstract screen based games synopsis: Floating territories uses a series of screen based games to explore issues of migration, border protection and asylum. The project was designed to take place on the ferry that crossed the Baltic Sea between ...

Fuzzy Love, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Interactive Video Installation

fuzzy love dating database gallery installation with online component in the ‘Fuzzy Love Dating Database’ people voluntarily photograph themselves and answer a series of questions as a kind of entry fee allowing access to the database of previous respondents, however access is limited to searching through responses to...

Incompatible Elements, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Installation

Incompatible Elements is an ongoing project that evolved during an artist residency at Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney. In this media art installation, poetic texts are embedded into animated satellite images of terrains and waterways in crisis. The intention is to configure the land as...

land[sound]scape, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

land[sound]scape, is a video and sound installation by starrs & cmielewski, curated into the third Guangzhou Triennial, China, that opened on 6th September 2008.

Moving Graffiti, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Single channel video work

Moving Graffiti is a stop motion animation that depicts a hand drawn map of the Shoalhaven River, morphing into an Australian Bass fish leaping out of the river. The Bass are in decline due to weirs and dams blocking migration on most of our rivers. Tallowa Dam...

Plaything, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Installation

The installation consists of a series of screen-based games played from a freestanding console that negotiate two-dimensional space in different ways using line, colour, shapes and simple gameplay. These games lead to video clips of young women responding to questions posed in the plaything research questionnaire. Plaything...

Pocket Calculator, Josephine Starrs, Video

This DVD draws on the style of karaoke, creating a new version of the iconic Kraftwerk song, Pocket Calculator. Much of the video footage was shot by the artist in Tokyo during a three month artist residency in 2001. The work was produced to be included in The...

Seeker, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Installation

The Seeker installation uses three large projections to explore migration, territorial boundaries, conflict commodities and human displacement.

SMS_origins, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

A phone number is displayed on a large screen in a public space along with the instruction “sms your family origins”. Participants sms their own and their parents places of birth to this number and linked curved vectors are added to a public map that updates in real time...

The Verdant Shed, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

The Verdant Shed is a night-time video projection piece where the long dead trees that are the posts supporting the old shearing shed (now the Study Centre) appear to come to life, sprouting branches and leaves that sway in the wind. This refers to both the ...

Trace, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Installation

There is a natural division in the surveillance issue between involuntary and voluntary data acquisition. Voluntary data acquisition refers to processes where the subject actively engages with the marketing / surveillance / security apparatus, like showing a passport or i.d. or responding to requests for information, ranging...

User Unfriendly Interface, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Installation

    Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission User Unfriendly Interface, CD ROM/Installation on themes of conspiracy theories, male vs female concept of space, dating services, mens issues & personality testing.

Waterways, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

Sydney Harbour! Gorgeous blue water, glittering city skyline, exclusive ‘dress circle’ suburbs, lovely fresh ocean air. However commercial fishing has been banned in Sydney harbour because the marine life is considered toxic. Recreational fishing is extensive, but fish caught on the Western side of the Harbour...

The Body is Obsolete, Stelarc, Video

Screener for Stelarc - The Body is Obsolete distributed online worldwide by Contemporary Arts Media: KD-Stel

[odys]elicit, Nathaniel Stern, Installation

Baby Please Don't Go, Grant Stevens , Video

Baby Please Don’t Go casts a small fragment of a scene from the film ‘Apocalypse Now’ into a seemingly endless loop. It shows Martin Sheen’s character moving backwards and forwards in a methodical, trance-like dance to a Led Zeppelin song.

Dreams Come True, Jane Stevenson, Screen

Italian boys, Jane Stevenson, Screen

Gold Medal Performance, Grant Stewart, Video

Gold Medal Performance is a digitally altered video of champion figure skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov’s gold medal winning performance at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Art and sport can both be seen as displays of virtuosic human skills; while sporting skill is measurable in distance, accuracy and speed,...

One day, Stephen Stockwell, Screen