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Place - A User's Manual, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

The installation has a large cylindrical projection screen with a round motorised platform in its centre, a computer and three video projectors that project onto a 120-degree portion of the screen. Continuous rotation of this viewing window around the screen reveals the full 360-degree computer-generated...

Place - Ruhr, Jeffrey Shaw, Interactive Video Installation

  In this installation a rotating platform allows the viewer to interactively rotate a projected image within a large circular projection screen and explore a three dimensional virtual environment constituted by an emblematic constellation of panoramic locations and cinematic events.

PLACE-Urbanity, Jeffrey Shaw, Video Installation

PLACE-Urbanity is based on the earlier prototype of the panoramic interactive paradigm as explored in PLACE — A User’s Manual commissioned by and premiered at Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria in 1995. In this prototype the viewer interactively rotated a projected image around a circular screen...

Points of View I, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

Points of View was a 'theatre of signs' with both stage and protagonists being provided by a three-dimensional computer graphics simulation that was video projected onto a large screen in front of a seated audience. The action of the work was controlled by one member of...

Revolution, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

In this interactive laser-disc-based work the viewer has to push a protruding steel bar to rotate a column-mounted monitor which in turn animates the images on its screen. A friction plate forces the viewers to exert themselves physically. Turning the monitor in one direction, the...

Televirtual Chit Chat, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

During Imagina '93 computer graphics installations in Monte Carlo and in Karlsruhe were connected by modem through a conventional telephone line. Facing large video screens, the two distant players each shared the same virtual image space. While manipulating their own graphic elements each person was...

The Distributed Legible City, Jeffrey Shaw, Interactive Video Installation

This new version of The Legible City (1989) encompasses all the experiences offered by the original version, but introduces an important new multi-user functionality that to a large extent becomes its predominant feature.

The Golden Calf, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

This work is constituted by a white pedestal on which there stands an LCD colour monitor connected to computing machinery by a cable running through the pedestal. The viewer of this work picks up and holds this monitor in his hands. The screen shows a representation...

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

With Theo Botschuijver. Produced for the Genesis wourld tour, 1975.

The Legible City, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

In The Legible City the visitor is able to ride a stationary bicycle through a simulated representation of a city that is constituted by computer-generated three-dimensional letters that form words and sentences along the sides of the streets. Using the ground plans of actual cities...

The Narrative Landscape, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

With Dirk Groeneveld.

The Net.Art Browser, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

The Net.Art Browser is a means of conjoining information space with the museum space and hybridizing the interactivity of surfing the Internet with the museum tradition of wall mounted images. While painting, cinema and TV construe images inside a fixed frame, the notion of 'augmented ...

The Virtual Museum, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

The Virtual Museum is a three-dimensional computer-generated museum constituted by an immaterial constellation of rooms and exhibits. A round, motorised rotating platform is furnished with a large video projection monitor, a computer, and a chair from which the viewer interactively controls his journey through The...

Three Pavillions, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

With Theo Botschuijver.

T_Visionarium, Jeffrey Shaw, Dennis Del Favero, Interactive Video Installation

T_Visionarium was created for the UNSW iCinema Centre’s Advanced Interaction and Visualisation Environment (AVIE), and it offers the means to capture and re-present televisual information, allowing viewers to explore and actively edit a multitude of stories in three dimensions. For T_Visionarium, 28 hours of digital free-to-air...

Video Narcissus, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

A video monitor on the floor faces upwards and over its screen there is a transparent container filled with water. At the center of this container is an opening through which a bubble of air can be electronically released causing the water to ripple outwards in...

Viewpoint, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

With Theo Botschuijver.

Waterquake, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

In Waterquake long lengths of tubing were dropped into a canal and then slowly inflated with air and smoke. The tubing emerged from the water, filling the canal and then spilling over into the surrounding streets. The spectators pulled and knotted these tubes into various...

Waterwalk, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

The Waterwalk was a 3-metre-high tetrahedron shaped balloon made from transparent (and sometimes coloured) plastic. A watertight zip allowed people to enter and be sealed inside. When this lightweight structure was inflated with air, one or more persons could 'walk on water' by stepping and...

Waterwalk Tube, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

With Theo Botschuijver.

Web of Life, Jeffrey Shaw, Interactive Video Installation

The theory of networks and networking has provided radical new insights into the underlying processes of nature, economy, and society. The Web of Life project was conceived as a multi-disciplinary project that conjoins art and science to give form and expression to this important new realm of ...

And Drum, Kevin Sheehan, Screen

The ope (immigrant), Kevin Sheehan, Krysia Szapiel, Screen

Cunlic, Dalia Shelef, Screen

Edge City, Dalia Shelef, Jane Stewart, Screen