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Double Space (1985), Jill Scott, Single channel video work

Double Space (1985)Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia. 6-24 August, 1985

Double Time (1985), Jill Scott, Interactive Video Installation

Double Time (1985) Video tape and Installation with spectator interaction.

Extruded Snow, Ashley Scott, Video

Shown at Don't Look Gallery, Sydney, 2007.

Hot Not, Rachel Scott, Single channel video work

Single channel digital videoDuration: 03:17

Hot not, Rachel Scott, Screen

Indistinctivation, Ashley Scott, Video

Inside-Out (1976), Jill Scott, installation with video

Inside-Out (1976), performance, Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco) basement. With street access for spectators, surveillance video, light box, mice housed in aquarium.

1986 7 Aug 7 Sep  
Recent Australian Video Installation, Video Installation

Recent Australian Video InstallationAustralian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. The exhibition was specifically “mounted to coincide with the visit of Mr John Hanhardt, Curator of Film and Video at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the tour of the Whitney exhibition, New American Video: A Historical Survey, 1967 – 1980.”1

SAND the Stimulant, Jill Scott, Video

Performance installation with closed circuit video, and sound produced with Revolving Desert Simulators (1978)  1

Taped, Boxed, Hung, Strung (1977), Jill Scott, Videotape

Taped, Boxed, Hung, Strung (1977), 3/4” U-matic, colour. The four 1975 performances documented on video1 

The Magnetic Tapes (1981), Jill Scott, Video

The Magnetic Tapes (1981), 3/4” U-matic, color. Three narrative videotapes Voyeurism (6min)Dictatorship (6min)Retaliation (6min)

Triple Fate (1986), Jill Scott, Interactive Video Installation

Triple Fate (1986) Single monitor Installation with game, water, sound, video and photographs.

Wait, Ashley Scott, Video

Shown at Chrissie Cottier Gallery, Sydney, 2008.

1986 30 Jul16 Aug  
New York City Video, video exhibition

An exhibition of video works by New York based artists Vito Acconci, Dara Birnbaum, Kristine Diekman and Karen Bell, Lauren Ewing, Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn, Matthew Geller, Joan Logue, John Sanborn, Bill Seaman, Michael Smith, Martha Wilson and Bill Viola curated by Brad Buckley in association with the First...

Passage Sets/One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue, Bill Seaman, Interactive Video Installation

Passage Sets is a generative visual poem. It includes an interactive poem generator. The users of the system can position themselves in front of the screen and select words and/or phrases from four lists that become visual as they enter into differing proximities in relation to the screens. Moving forward...

The Watch Detail, Bill Seaman, Interactive Video Installation

Bill Seaman's first major interactive work was entitled The Watch Detail. Video images, sound and text that addressed the subject of time were explored interactively. This work employed Macintosh Hypercard media, that was used to control an interactive laserdisc. Thus the work became a meta-media time piece. A large database of...

I am unicorn, Amanda Seddon, Video

My work explores social and personal mythologies as thematic bases within a heterogeneous art practice. These particular film works I am unicorn and The piano battle are derived from my contemplation into celebrity and...

ACMIpark, Selectparks, web

Dollarex, Severed Heads, Screen

Goodbye Tonsils, Severed Heads, Screen

We Have Come To Bless The House, Severed Heads, Video

An urgent edit by Stephen Jones 1985 from an earlier long form video 'Kato Gets The Girl', as we had no video for TV promotion in the UK. We had never expected to need one :-) Shot around Sydney in 1984 by myself and then processed using...