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Rhys Votano

Born in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia, Rhys Votano is a filmmaker and visual artist. He has divided his practice between three strands of visual story-telling; Documentary – Telling Factual Stories of Real Human Achievement; Narrative – Constructing Stories about Imagined Human Experience; Art – Articulating Theories about the Human Position in the Universe.  Since completing his Masters in Film and Digital Image at Sydney University, College of the Arts, he has been striving to bring these three practices into one hybrid format.  As an artist in residence for dLux Media Arts, Votano ran a series of workshops on the History of Video art in regional Australia, initiated and curated "Is This Art?" in May 2014 and co-directed the Scanlines exhibition video alongside Sarah Vandepeer.  Recent projects include Fródá, projection mapping for a live theatre in remote Iceland, Melange Machine which was a collaboration with VJ Tim Dwyer using live chroma key and a interactive cubby house for the 18th Biennale of Sydney called Rat Od Nostalgia. He has also been devising a new format of mixed frame rates in The Weight Of Light experiments.