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Peter Newman

b. 1982

Peter Newman was born in Sydney in 1982. He completed a Bachelor of Electronic Arts (Honours, Class 1) at the University of Western Sydney in 2004, where he received the University Medal and subsequently taught in 2005.

Newman uses projections, paint, sound, found objects and sculpted forms to generate open-ended aesthetic systems. His installations and performances often incorporate sculptural projection surfaces and real-time immersive multi-speaker sound arrays. He frequently performs sound shows accompanied by original projections. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Newman has exhibited at Artspace, Performance Space, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Art Gallery of NSW, Mori Gallery and numerous artist-run spaces. He has had solo exhibitions at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, the Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown, Pelt, Firstdraft and Lewers Gallery. He has performed at the Big Day Out (Australia's largest music festival), Res Artis (MCA, Sydney), Liquid Architecture, Electrofringe, Now Now Festival, and with Damo Suzuki Network.

Newman has completed several projects, which were funding partially or in full by the Australia Council for the Arts. These included the production of a DVD of original audiovisual material and the development of a large-scale new work titled 'Swarm Transfer' which appeared at ICAN in April 2008.

Newman's video works have toured internationally, screening at BronxMAP in New York, at the Seoul Fringe Festival and in the larger screening program of the Gwangju Biennale. Several of his works are in private collections.

Birth place
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Peter Newman, The 5:19, 2005, Video Still
Peter Newman, The 5:19, 2005, Video Still – from The 5:19 
Peter Newman, Skater Valid, 2004, Video Still.jpg
Peter Newman, Skater Valid, 2004, Video Still.jpg – from Skater Valid