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Patricia Adams

Patricia Adams completed her Doctor of Visual Arts at Griffith University in 2005. Her thesis explored the impact of experimental biomedical engineering techniques on expressions and representations of corporeality. Her interactive installation: “machina carnis” incorporated digital video micrograph image data of cardiac cells that she cultured in the laboratory by converting adult stem cells from her blood at the School of Biomedical sciences, The University of Queensland. She was the first artist to experiment on her own stem cells in this way. Adams is currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow at RMIT School of Arts, Melbourne. Since October 2007 Adams has been visiting artist at the Visual & Sensory Neuroscience Group, at the Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland. Under the leadership of Professor Mandyam Srinivasan this research group focuses on the cognitive and navigational abilities of the honey bee. During this collaboration Trish created the DVD installation: “HOST”. In 2008 Adams and her Sydney based collaborator Andrew Burrell were awarded the second Australia Council for the Arts Inter-Arts Board MMMUVE_IT initiative. For this they developed the ‘mellifera’ project; which involved incorporating their direct observations of bee behaviours into both a virtual Second Life environment and the real-time installation context. In addition, Adams has presented her research outcomes at a number of conferences such as: “New Constellations: Art, Science & Society”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2006; Perth Digital Art & Culture Conference, 2007, ISEA2008 & “Eye of the Storm”, Tate Britain, 2009.

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