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Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda. Norie and Maria have maintained a collaborative media art practice since 1993, beginning in community radio and making CDROMs. As their practice developed they began exploring larger questions of culture and technology, with works like Shock in the Ear (1998) and Dead Centre: the body with organs (1999). In these projects they worked across media – including CDROM, radiophonic essays, installation, performance and internet works. This interest in making different versions of work across medias and mediums developed further with such work as Journey to the Centre (2002), Museum of Rumour (2003) Perpetual E.motion Project (2004), and Searching for rue Simon-Crubellier, (2006). Journey to the Centre included performative research and an internet work. Museum of Rumour included an installation and an internet work. Perpetual Emotions Project involved a radio program titled First Annual Report from the Institute of Emergent Emotions, (broadcast 2004,The Listening Room, ABC FM) an internet work and a networked performance, Séa.nce, performed on the ISEA2004 ferry between Helsinki and Tallin. Searching for rue Simon-Crubellier included performative encounters in public space, an internet work titled The 4th Floor and several installations. In the early to mid-noughties, while they were working on and off the internet -- with social engagement through performative encounters in public spaces -- they became interested in the fictive turn of the internet itself and the play between the actual and the imaginary. “To treat an imaginary street as if a real street, to put into place all the concrete apparatus of an actual enquiry (questioning passers by, the supposed neighbours, interrogating various officials) to track down a phantom place – this was above all to confuse and muddy the trail, to indulge scandalously in the exhilarating joys of mystification…. It was also, a bit more seriously, trying to break down the conventional border between real and imaginary...” Marcel Bénabou, “A Propos de Searching for rue Simon-Crubellier”, Column 1, Artspace Visual Arts Centre, Sydney. 2008. Since 2006 they have been concerned with the paradoxes of modernity, particularly our troubled relations with the environment. With their project Talking about the Weather (2006 ongoing) they worked with breath as a porous medium that links humans with the rest of the planet. These concerns also inspired the works In Search of the Inland Sea (2010), Down the Drain (2011) and CoalFace (2013) Throughout their work there has been an underlying interest in questions of culture, place and memory. Their practice draws provocations, ideas and material from literary texts and popular cultural forms such as film, TV and music -- understanding these different cultural forms as ciphers to even greater mysteries. “We treat ourselves as (art) mediums – always deep in a state of trance-like séance – passing on these strange disturbances and unclear sightings/sitings that emanate from the vast cultural unconscious. The work that emerges can take many forms, but mostly video, sound, installation and the internet. How culture shapes one’s experience underpins much of our work, pointing to the necessity, for us, of exploring the specificity of both place and experience – and the experience of place – always alert to the disruption of fixity. Our projects engage with place yet work across sites in an unsitely fashion, understanding place as relational and profoundly disturbed through network culture. We are passionate about art as a process of engagement, as a way of thinking through, as an aesthetic – and a way of living life to the full.” (from Out-of-Sync website)

Period of activity 
from 1993
Out-of-Sync, Portraits with Coal, CoalFace, Library Artspace, Melbourne, 2013
Out-of-Sync, Portraits with Coal, CoalFace, Library Artspace, Melbourne, 2013 – from CoalFace