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Nicola Walkerden

Nikki Walkerden creates performance-film works as cinematic situations; writing, directing, filming and performing to explore how moving and mental images travel between the body and situation as an experience. Most recently completing a Master of Fine Arts at SCA, she graduated from a Master of Film and Digital Image at SCA (2012), presented the solo site-specific performance 16mm film installation: ‘HOLE’, at SCA Galleries (2015) and her work ‘X’ (2012) was selected to represent Australia in the Over View Travelling International Festival of Video Art. Walkerden has also presented work at the Anthology Film Archives & Spectacle Theater NYC, Kino Sydney (with Olga Solar), Underbelly Arts Festival (with Laura Hunt), Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Museum of Contemporary Art, Annandale Galleries and international experimental film showcases. Her collaborative work with Tanja Bruckner is recognized as Revel-8 Best Super8 Cinematography 2013 and Revel-8 Director’s Choice 2014 at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, and her work ‘Climactic Actuality’ was awarded Best Climbing Film 2014 at the First Vertical Film Festival.