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Katrina Stamatopoulos

Katrina Stamatopoulos lives and works in London. In 2013, she participated in various exhibitions and screening events, including MiniArtVideoFest, Boudapest, We live as we dream, Alone, Archive_, Sydney and BorderBody, Mixing Cities and identities, Poland. Katrina has also held a solo show 'Specimens of a Collective Condition' in both Sydney and Melbourne, and is a previous resident of the BigCi (Bilpin Ground for Creative Initiatives) in Wollemi National Park, Australia. In 2014, Katrina curated her first show titled 'Props in a game of make-believe'. Exploring ideas on an imaginary truth, the group show featured 7 Sydney based artists working with photography. In collaboration with Toronto based sound artist Alexandra Spence, Katrina has participated in the Windsor Artcite Festival, Canada, Festival Images Contre Nature, France and the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Canada. In 2015, Katrina’s work has been featured in the first publication of The Multiple Exposure Project titled 'Self as Subject', and in VIDEOFOCUS, Stigmart10, VideoBiennale. Her work has also been screened at DAS2015, which was held at the Beanbag Cinema in Belfast.