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Judy Annear

Judy Annear is Senior Curator Photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. She was co-curator (with Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais) of the exhibition ‘Man Ray’ which toured Australia in 2004, and curator of the 2005 exhibition ‘Bill Henson’ which surveyed thirty years of this major Australian artist’s work. In 2007 co-curated (with Virginia Heckert) a monographic exhibition of the photographs of August Sander from the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. She is currently working on a major exhibition of Alfred Steiglitz’ modernism for 2010.

She was curator of the first major international photographic exhibition to be organised from Australia World without End: photography and the 20th century (2000-01), and curated the exhibition, Len Lye (2001-03), celebrating the centenary of the artist’s birth.

She was also editor of and writer for the major publication Mnemosyne (AGNSW/Scalo 2004) on Bill Henson’s work. In 2006 she curated a survey of the photography of Lewis Morley, and in 2007 co-curated the exhibition August Sander form the J Paul Getty Museum, LA. She is currently completing the major international exhibition Alfred Stieglitz: the Lake George years and an exhibition on approaches to landscape photography in Australian 1970s til now. She has published extensively in journals such as Art Network, Art+Text (member of the editorial committee 1987-94), Photofile, Art Monthly, Art and Australia, Art Asia Pacific, LIKE, Art-IT Asia as well as contributing to numerous catalogues, research papers and has edited special issues of journals.