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Joyce Hinterding

Andrew Frost

Joyce Hinterding is a contemporary artist based in The Blue Mountains, New South Wales. As part of the collaborative art duo Haines & Hinterding with David Haines, Hinterding has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas. Hinterding's solo work has combined drawing, sound and sculpture to reveal hidden layers of ambient sound.

Her exhibition Aura (2009) presented a series of drawings in gold and graphite that also acted as aerials which, when plugged into a sound system "... made audible the critical mass of signals and energy emitted from the local environment" ( Using this technology Hinterding has undertaken Fields & Loops, an ongoing series of drawing/installation/sound works/performances, that included participation at VOLTA, New York, in Armory Art Week 2011. 

b. 1958
Birth place
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Period of activity 
from 1978
Selected events