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Josh Harle

Josh Harle is a multidisciplinary researcher and new media artist with a background in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Sculpture. His research investigates the virtual spaces generated by emerging technologies, our encounters with the world through them, and their social and political consequences.

Harle’s practice explores the contemporary use of digital technologies to map and make sense of the world, critiquing the opaquely ideological practice of digital capture. His works take various established and emerging mapping technologies – laser scanning, photogrammetry, geolocation tracking – and re-appropriates them as expressive mediums, altering their outcomes to introduce an affective element which is normally absent.  The results embrace their performative origins and the contingency of their creation.

Through these radical cartographic practices, Harle reveals his own place in a field of competing drives to organise, stake-claims, and dictate boundaries: the map as a performance of exploration, of trying to make sense of the world.