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Isabelle Delmotte

Previously involved with Photography at a professional level, Isabelle has been a practicing artist involved with digital technology for the past 17 years. In 1996 she completed a Master of Fine Arts by Research (first class honours) at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Sydney (supervisors: Adrian Hall and Bill Seaman). She has been a freelance animator and digital manipulator on 2D & 3D Animation Systems for the past 17 years and has contributed to the work of Jill Scott and the VNS Matrix collective. For 8 years one of her main artistic projects was focused on a work in progress entitled ""Epileptograph: the internal journey". This long term project aimed to audio-visually transcript sensations experienced during awareness processes leading to the regaining of consciousness following occurences of epileptic seizures. She has had 26 exhibitions including 2 solo shows, 5 overseas group exhibitions and 2 collective public screenings. Starting in 1992, and for more than 10 years , she worked intensely on a project entitled "Epileptograph: the internal journey" . Its original aim was to explore, using computer generated sounds and graphics, the visual and auditory perceptions she was experiencing during the awareness process leading to the regaining of consciousness following an epileptic seizure.