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Ian Howard

b. 1947
New South Wales

Ian Howard is a multimedia artist, curator and educator. Howard's work has been concerned with the status of visual communication in society, with an emphasis on the visual traditions of the military, from its role in a tradition of landscape painting to its symbolic representations in flags, coats of arms and flashes. Ostensibly located within a drawing practice, Howard's work has questioned the position of the art object as a residual process in an act of translation, attempting to blur the boundaries between a work of art and a real world object. To achieve this Howard embarked on a series of rubbings of objects including Hadrian's Wall, tanks, aircraft — including the Enola Gay — and a nuclear warhead, which were exhibited in a gallery as a 'drawing'. 

Howard trained as an artist and art educator in Sydney, gaining a Diploma of Art Education from Alexander Mackie CAE in 1968. He studied film and television production at Middlesex Polytechnic (previously Hornsey College of Art), London, where he gained a Graduate Diploma of Advanced Studies in Film and Television in 1976. After further study at Concordia University, Montreal, he was awarded a Master of Fine Arts in 1976. Howard's extensive exhibition career began in the mid 1960s with work in a variety of group shows including the Young Contemporaries exhibitions staged by the Contemporary Art Society, Sydney, between 1966 and 1969. His first solo show, New Society Paintings, was mounted at the Canberra Civic Centre Gallery in 1967.

Many of Howard's gallery projects have included video and film components, as well as video projects including Endgame (1998) and Moving House (2007). His major video work, North Korea — War With Flowers, was staged at Watters Gallery, Sydney, in 2009. The show included video documentation shown on a tower of 6 monitors to replicate monitor banks in a spy ship, the Pueblo. The videos also included footage from PR DVDs from Pyongyang, that included scenes of military parades and idyllic life in the socialist DPRK. Working as an excutive producer, Howard has overseen numerous film and video projects for television including Art of Place (1996, SBS & Australian Television International), International Drawing Research Institute (2002, CCTV), and Australians In Venice 2009 (2009, COFA).

Andrew Frost
Birth place
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Period of activity 
from 1968
Other solo exhibitions 

Portrait & Landscape, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2011.

Larger than Life, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, 2010. 

North Korea — War with Flowers, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2009.

Larger than Life, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2008. 

Disguised Bodies, Weeping Walls (with Xing Junqin), Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2007. 

Just in Case (with Xing Junqin), Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2005.

Personal and Material, Capital Normal University Gallery, Beijing, 2005. 

Khyber Passing, Ian Potter Museum, University of Melbourne, 2003. 

Cool Images — Hot Sites, Australian Studies Centre, Berlin, 2003.

A Bridge Too Far (with Xing Junqin), Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2002. 

Great Wall(s), Watters Gallery, Sydney, 2000. 

Speaking Place, Redback Gallery, Brisbane, 2000. 

Surface Tensions, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, 2000. 

Cries and Whispers, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, 1999. 

Endgame, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1998. 

Foreign Bodies, Drill Hall Gallery, ANU, Canberra, 1997. 

Ministries of Consequence, Savode Gallery, Brisbane, 1997. 

Prisoners of Reason, Slaves to the Heart, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1996. 

Land•Property•Power, Savode Gallery, Brisbane, 1995.

The Aesthetics of Death, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1994. 

Images of the 20th Century, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, 1993.

One World (touring exhibition), Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane and Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1992.

décor, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, 1990. 

Out of the Cities of Hope, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1990. 

Intelligences of an Underground Man (touring survey exhibition), Centre for the Arts Gallery, Hobart; College Gallery, South Australian School of Art, Adelaide; and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, 1989. 

Furnishings, Camera Lucida Gallery, Sydney, 1988. 

Within the Institution, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1988. 

Timing, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1988. 

Twelve, First Draft, Sydney, 1987. 

Property as Landscape, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1983. 

Lonely Westerners of the East, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1980. 

Works Upon Our Physical Culture, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1977. 

Soft Journalism, Musée d’art contemporain, Montreal, 1976. 

A Return to Subject Matter, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1972. 

New Society Paintings, Canberra Civic Centre Gallery, Canberra, 1967. 

Awards, collections 
Collections Art Gallery of New South Wales; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Artbank, Sydney; Australian War Memorial; Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn Collection, National Australia Gallery; Faber Castel Collection; Glen Waverley, Regional Gallery; Gotham City Council, Melbourne; Griffith University, Art Collection, Brisbane; Lismore, Regional Gallery; Manly Regional Art Gallery; Melbourne University; Mildura Regional Art Gallery; Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal; Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane; National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; National Library of Australia, Canberra; National Gallery of Victoria; Parliament House, Canberra; Private Collections in Australia, Asia, Europe and America; Queensland Art Gallery; Queensland University of Technology, Art Collection, Brisbane; Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery; University of New South Wales; University of Sydney Union Art Collection.