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Hidenobu Mori

Born in Nagasaki City in 1966 
1989 Graduated from Sculpture Department of Musashino Art University Faculty of Art and Design 
1991 Musashino Art University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Arts Completed Major (Master of Arts) 
In 1998, it was influenced by the performance of Marina Abramovic of the Advanced Institute of Contemporary Art in Japan, Higher Institute of Contemporary Art, Contemporary Art Center CCA Kitakyushu Research Program completion, and began to be interested in video critic Slavoi Jijek 's "image screen" I began making video installations. 
It is making the work making process to explore various meanings that symbolism of representation brings. 
Currently living in Kitakyushu. 

1966 Born in Nagasaki city, JAPAN. 
1989 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (sculpture), Musashino Arts University, Tokyo. 
1991 Master of Fine Arts Degree (sculpture), Musashino Arts University, Tokyo. 
1997-8 Participated in the CCA Kitakyushu Research Program in JAPAN. 
Lives and works in Kitakyushu city, JAPAN.

Selected works