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Guy Ben- Ary

b. 1967
Los Angeles

Guy Ben-Ary is an artist and a researcher whose work uses emerging medias, in particular biologically related technologies (tissue culture, tissue engineering, electrophysiology and optics). Ben-Ary is an artist in resident in SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia, Perth, WA, since 2000. He specializes in microscopy (light, confocal and SEM), biological & digital imaging, tissue culture and engineering and artistic visualization of biological data. His Main research areas are cybernetics, robotics and the interface of biological material to man made devices. Much of Ben-Ary’s work is inspired by science and nature. His artworks utilize motion and growth to investigate technological aspects of today’s culture and the re-use of biological materials and technologies. He is a member of the core SymbioticA Research Group and spend 2006 working as an artist in resident (research fellow) in the Steve Potter Laboratory, Neuro-emgineering lab, bio-medical school in the Georgia Institute of technology. Guy is a member of the “Biokino” collective that is developing the “living screen” project (Http://, collaborated with the Tissue Culture & Art Project for 4 years (1999 - 2003), a member of the neurotic collective (that developed The award winning Silent Barrage) and in 2011 is utilising a DCA fellowship to develop his new piece (Along with Kirsten Hudson) entitled PDH007.

Birth place
Los Angeles, USA
Western Australia