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D.V. Rogers

D. V. Rogers is a Sydney-based artist who has worked across the fields of photography, performance art and machine-based installation. He was a founding member of the performance art collective, the Post-Arrivalists (1991-1996) and collaborated with machine performance artists Triclops International from 1996-2000. In 1996 Rogers ‘liberated’ a decommissioned earthquake simulator from The Earth Exchange Museum in Sydney. The simulator had been ‘retired’ from its original existence as an amusement ride where members of the public would stand on it and experience a simulated earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6, similar to that of the 1989 Newcastle earthquake. Rogers rescue saved the simulator from an otherwise inevitable journey to the scrap heap and gave it a second chance at life. Rogers arranged for the disassembly and transport of the gigantic 5.2m x 3.3m structure to the industrial workshop in Sydney, which he shared with Triclops International. The transition of the earthquake simulator from amusement ride to artwork took place over the next few years.

b. 1968
Birth place
New Zealand