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David Haines

Andrew Frost

David Haines (b. 1966) is a contemporary artist based in The Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Working across a variety of media, Haines is primarily known as one half of the collaborating art duo Haines & Hinterding, with Joyce Hinterding. Haines's solo exhibition career has included works in photography, sculpture and perfume. His exhibition Cosmic Vapours (2010) combined evocative images of what appeared to be undersea smoke plumes (but were computer generated images), Kirlian photography of plant leaves, and multi-faceted black cardboard sculptures that emmitted perfumes. Like his collaborative work, Haines's exhibition was concerned with the immaterial and the rich psychological potential of the uncanny. 

b. 1966
Birth place
London, England
Period of activity 
from 1989
Selected events