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David Greenhalgh

David Greenhalgh is a Sydney-based remix artist and arts writer. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at the College of Fine Arts, he is currently completing his Master of Information Studies (Archives) at Charles Sturt University. 

Recent solo exhibitions include disinformation at Kings ARI (2015), memoryformatshift at Archive_ (2015), 40:01 at Firstdraft (2014) & verkenntniss at Kudos Gallery (2014). 

He was a cofounding director of Archive Space, an artist run initiative that operated with the aim of documenting emerging Sydney practices and has recently has joined the management board of Runway Australian Experimental Art. Here he is undertaking a large scale archive digitisation project. 

In his spare time he is a program producer and educator for the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney.

David Greenhalgh’s practice uses public domain archival footage, sounds and music to construct short essay films. By taking fragments of media from dozens of different sources, and arranging them into a narrative, these video works are made to speculate on different social and political futures. In these stories, new sciences and technologies attempt to reshape the human condition (and usually fail). The aim of David’s practice is to extend a hand to the future, through acting as a bricoleur of the past.

L.A.S, – from L.A.S, via Vimeo 
2PM, – from 2PM, via Vimeo