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Caroline McCarthy

b. 1971

Crisps, toilet-paper, plastic bags, packaging, rubbish, furniture are some of the unexpected materials brought into conversation with certain modes of art production and display, in work which continually explores the nature of representation, consumerism, visual hierarchy and ideas of value.

Caroline McCarthy was born in Dublin and studied at the National College of Art and Design, 1994 (BAHons), Dublin; and Goldsmiths College 1998 (MAFA), London.

Her work has been exhibited widely, with solo shows including Green on Red, Dublin; Gimpel Fils, London; Hoet Bekaert, Ghent; Parker's Box Gallery, New York; Limericj City Art Gallery; Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin; Gasworks, London; Void Gallery, Derry; and Bugdahn und Kaimer, Dusseldorf.

Group shows include Europe Exists, curated by Rosa Martinez and Harald Szeemann, MMCA, Greece (2003); East End Academy, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2004); To Be Continued, curated by The British Council, Helsinki Kunsthalle, Finland (2005); (Z)art curated by Jan Hoet, AbtArt, Stuttgart (2010); Group Coordination, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2014); and Dismaland, curated by Banksy, Somerset, UK (2015). 

She has also worked on a number of large-scale public projects including a commission for King's College London with the Contemporary Art Society and a citywide project for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Her work is included in the collections of The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Allied Irish Bank, Arts Council of Ireland, Office of Public Works, Zabludowicz Collection, Berge Madrid and private collections.

Lives and works in London, UK.

Birth place
Dublin, Ireland
Other solo exhibitions 

* = accompanying catalogue / publication / commissioned text

2015 USELESS, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2013 From One End To The Other, various venues, Norwich, UK *

2011 Made to Measure, Parker’s Box Gallery, New York, USA

2011 Arrangements, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Light For Cicely, CSI, King's College London, UK *

2008 paintings, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, Belgium

2008 (Luxury), Gimpel Fils Gallery, London, UK

2007 Grand Detour, Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Düsseldorf, Germany

2006 Grand Detour, Parker’s Box, New York, USA *

2006 There, Void Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland

2004 Windowall, Public Commission, Letterkenny, Ireland

2003 Springs Eternal, Hammer Sidi, London, UK

2003 Caroline McCarthy, Limerick City Art Gallery, Ireland 

2002 The Glow is Fading, Gasworks, London, UK *

2002 Port Sunlight, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland *

2002 Caroline McCarthy, Parker’s Box, New York, USA

1996 In Retrospect, Basement Gallery, Dundalk, Ireland

Other group exhibitions 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Dismaland, curated by Banksy, Weston super Mare, UK *

2015-17 Nature Morte, touring, curated by Michael Petry, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, UK *

2014 Group Coordination, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland

2014 Of and For, CASS, London Metropolitan University, London, UK

2013 Vexed Endings, Green On Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2013 Works on Paper, i8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland *

2013 Believing (in) objects, House project, London, UK

2013 Encounters, OPW Collection touring to Derry, Lisburn, Cork and Limerick, Ireland *

2012 The Curator’s Egg, Altera Pars, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, UK

2012 Vexed Endings, Green On Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2012 Showtime, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, Belgium

2012 Quantum Jumping, (curated by Niru Ratnam), Cock n Bull Gallery, London, UK

2011Hints Of The Outside World, SOMA, Waterford, Ireland

2011Collecting For Ireland, (curated by Ruairí Ó Cuív) The Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland *

2010 WNTRSLN, Parker’s Box, New York, USA

2010 Renewing, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Meer, Voorkammer, Antwerp, Belgium

2010 Making Nature, (cur. by Gemma Tipton), Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Review, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London, UK

2010 10 years Hunting, Parker's Box Gallery, New York, USA

2010 Altered Images, touring show of work from the IMMA Collection, various venues, Ireland *

2009 z(art), (cur. by Jan Hoet), AbtArt Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany *

2009 Space Invader, (cur. by Niru Ratnam), Aicon Gallery, London, UK

2009 Noughties But Nice, Limerick City Art Gallery (and touring), Limerick, Ireland *

2009 Exquisite Corpse, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland

2009 Covet, (cur. by Suzanne Mooney), Plan 9, Bristol, UK

2008 Gala Triangle 2008, Triangle France, Marseilles, France

2008 Embedded, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London, UK

2008 Materials and Mentalities, (cur. by Ian Russell), UCD, Dublin, Ireland

2008 To Lo, Part 2 (cur. by Saki Satom), Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, UK *

2007 To Lo, Part 1 (cur. by S.Satom), Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo, Japan *

2007 Open, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent , Belgium

2007 Art Futures, Bloomsberg, London, UK

2007 De Gustibus, ING Kortrijk, (V.VanDurme), Brussels, Belgium *

2007 Real Writer’s Residency, g39, Cardiff, Wales, UK

2007 The Troubled Waters Of Permeability!, Parker’s Box Gallery, New York, USA

2006 Failure, (cur. by Mike Fitzpatrick), Butler House, Kilkenny, Ireland

2006 Double Take, Schroeder Romero Gallery, New York, USA 

2006 The Square Root of Drawing, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2006 Metropolis Rise: New Art from London ( A.Gross & J.Wu), Shanghai, China *

2005 To Be Continued…, (British Council), Helsinki Kunsthalle, Finland *

2005 Variety, (Commission) DeLaWarr Pavilion, Bexhill, UK *

2005 Use This Kind of Sky, ( Eachus/Farhid), Keith Talent Gallery, London, UK

2005 Siar 50 – fifty years of contemporary Irish Art, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland *

2005 International Exhibitionist, Screening, Curzon Soho Cinema, London, UK

2005 England Their England, ( R.Downes), Nichts Fur Laden, Germany

2005 Brit Povera, ( R.Downes), Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria

2005 In(tensions), Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, Belgium

2005 The Poster Show, ( LOT), Bristol, UK 

2005 Out of the Ordinary, Travelling Gallery, Scotland

2004 East End Academy, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK *

2004 Screening, ( Artprojx), Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK

2004 Draught, ( O.Bjornsdottir), Klink and Bank Project Space, Reykjavik, Iceland

2004 The Morning After the Night Before, Parker’s Box Gallery, New York, USA

2004 September, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2004 Tonight, ( P.O’Neill), Studio Voltaire, London, UK

2004 Views from an Island, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2003 Europe Exists, ( R. Martinez / H.Szeemann), MMCA, Thessaloniki, Greece *

2003 Under Different Circumstances, ( T.Bundgaard), Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark *

2003 Permaculture, (cur. by G. Watson & V. Claffey), Project, Dublin, Ireland

2003 I Saw Your Lips Move, ( L.Seers), Cell Projects, London, UK

2003 The Unblinking Eye, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland

2002 CMYK/Greyscale, ( R.G. Nesbitt), Tramway, Glasgow (also RHA, Dublin), Scotland *

2002 Everything To Lose, La Friche, Marseilles/ Gasworks, London, UK

2002 Now is the Time, ( K. Freed), Dorsky Project Space, New York, USA *

2002 Neverland, ( M.Oeschler), Cell Projects, London, UK

2002 New, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2002 RHA Summer Show, RHA, Dublin, Ireland *

2002 Sitting Tenant, ( A. Vickery), Lotta Hammer’s House, London, UK

2001Tirana Biennale, (UK cur. by P. Ellis), Tirana, Albania *

2001Enter, (cur. by J.Maier), Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany

2001All That is Solid, London Print Gallery Studio, London, UK

2001Break in Theatre, (cur. by S. Satom), Kojimachi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan           

2000 Art of the World, ( Circa mag.), Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France*

2000 Tourist Conspiracy Project, ( J.Offerman) De Fabrik, Eindhoven, Netherlands

2000 NowHere, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2000 EV+A, ( R.Martinez),Limerick City Art Gallery, Ireland *

2000 In Search of Experience – Reconsidering the Readymade, ( F. Jones), Green on Red, Dublin, Ireland

2000 From the Poetic to the Political - Irish Art Now, IMMA collection touring USA *

2000 Include Me Out, (cur. by UNIT), disused shop, London, UK

1999 In-Consistency, ( P.O’Neill), Arthur R.Rose, London, UK

1999 Cabin Fever, Herold Gallery, Bremen, Germany

1999 Victor Treacy Award Exhibition, ( D. Godbold), Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

1999 Very Gloomy, curated by UNIT, Mota Gallery, London, UK

1999 Everyday Living, Tablet Gallery London + RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

1998 Insignificants, The Old Chocolate Factory, Malmo, Sweden

1998 Multiples, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

1998 Postneoamateurism, New Work U.K., ( UNIT), Chisenhale Gallery, London, UK

1998 Return to sender, ( Busqeda Box), Ireland / Australia *

1997Outside, Douglas Hyde Gallery, ( A.Fletcher), Dublin, Ireland *

Awards, collections 
Awards 2006/2007/2011 Culture Ireland Award in support of exhibition projects in Tokyo and New York 2007/08 Multi-Annual Award, Arts Council of Ireland 2005/2001 Transport Award in support of exhibition projects in New York, British Council 2005/2003/2001 Artist Bursary, Arts Council of Ireland 2001 AIB Art Prize (Allied Irish Bank with Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland) 2001 Artist Bursary, London Arts Board, UK 2000 Open Award, EV+A 2000 (adj.: Rosa Martinez) 1997 Post-Graduate Scholarship, Arts Council of Ireland 1996 Open Award, EV+A 1996 (adj.: Guy Tortosa) Commissions 2013 From One End To The Other, city-wide project commissioned the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK * 2010 Light For Cicely, commissioned by King's College London, UK * 2009 Wanted: Your Sofa, Public Commission, Dundalk, Ireland 2005 Happiness (After Dodd), Commissioned by De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, UK * 2004 Windowall, Public Commission, Letterkenny, Ireland Collections Irish Museum of Modern Art Allied Irish Bank Zabludowicz Collection UK Berge Collection Madrid Office of Public Works, Ireland private collections Residencies 2004 Biz-Art, Shanghai, China 2004 Klink and Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland 2002Triangle Studio, La Friche, Marseilles, France 2000De Fabrik, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1997Artists’ Work Programme, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland



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Other events 

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