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Brown Council

Andrew Frost

In the same way that artists might sample images for their work the four artists known as Brown Council appropriate movements, gestures and interactions. Performance video works In All States and Territories (2006] and What Happens on the Field Stays on the Field (2006) played with the codes of behaviour found in sports and office situations while If You See Something Say Something (2006) ventured to a public subway thoroughfare to parody the fear of terrorism.

Love and Death in 8 Minutes (2007) – a performance and a four channel video installation – is a drama of absurd tragedy. A woman dressed in white suddenly and unaccountably spurts blood, while the accompanying three frames of skeletons watch. As Whitney Houston's I will always love you and Mariah Carey's Dream Lover play on the soundtrack the four figures lip sync to the lyrics, eat chocolate, hold a red heart-shaped balloon, sing acappella and continue to “die”. Love and Death in 8 Minutes gave birth to Encore (2007) a video of the four performers taking a bow for the performance’s live audience. Played as an endless loop, Encore delights in revealing the already over determined theatricality of Love and Death in 8 Minutes.

Birth place
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Period of activity 
from 2006
Selected works
Selected events
Disappearing Act, 2011 (Excerpt), – from Disappearing Act, via Vimeo 
Appearing Act, 2011 (Excerpt), – from Appearing Act, via Vimeo 
Work in Progress: Dawn to Dusk, 2010 (Excerpt), – from Work in Progress: Dawn to Dusk, via Vimeo 
One Hour Laugh, 2009 (Excerpt), – from One Hour Laugh, via Vimeo 
Big Show, 2009 (Excerpt), – from Big Show, via Vimeo 
What Do I Do? 1970-2009, 2009 (Excerpt), – from What Do I Do? 1970-2009, via Vimeo 
Runaway, 2008 (Excerpt), – from Runaway, via Vimeo 
Milkshake, 2007 (Full), – from Milkshake, via Vimeo 
Encore, – from Encore, via Vimeo 
Brown Council, This is Barbara Cleveland, 2013
Brown Council, This is Barbara Cleveland, 2013 – from This is Barbara Cleveland