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Barbara Cleveland


Barbara Cleveland is an artist led collective directed by Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley and Diana Baker Smith. Working together for ten years under the title of Brown Council, the collective transitioned to Barbara Cleveland in 2016, taking their name from the mythic feminist performance artist (Barbara Cleveland) – who they recovered from the margins of Australian art history – and has been a key feature in their work since 2010.

Barbara Cleveland’s projects are informed by queer and feminist methodologies that draw on the historical lineages of both the visual and performing arts.  Their recent video and performance works are deliberations on history and memory as embodied action, as fiction, as mode of collaboration.

Birth place
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Period of activity 
from 2006
Other works 


Other solo exhibitions 

Selected solo exhibitions: Group Work, MOP, Sydney, 2011. Big Show, Locksmith Project Space, Sydney, 2010. Runaway, Chalk Horse, Sydney, 2009. Milkshake, Kings ARI, Melbourne, 2008.

Other group exhibitions 

Selected group exhibitions and screenings: Nothing Like Performance, Artspace, Sydney, Primavera 2011, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Tell Me Tell Me: Korean and Australian Art 1976-2011, National Art School Gallery, Sydney; and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, 2011. The Ultimate Time Lapse Megamix, Federation Square, Melbourne, The 2nd Terminal Short Video Festival, Austin, USA, 2010. OK. Video Comedy, International Video Festival, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2009. Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece, 2008. Girl Parade, Australian Centre for Contemporary Photography, Sydney, 2007.

Disappearing Act, 2011 (Excerpt), – from Disappearing Act, via Vimeo 
Work in Progress: Dawn to Dusk, 2010 (Excerpt), – from Work in Progress: Dawn to Dusk, via Vimeo 
The One Hour Laugh, 2009 (Excerpt), – from One Hour Laugh, via Vimeo 
What Do I Do? 1970-2009, 2009 (Excerpt), – from What Do I Do? 1970-2009, via Vimeo 
– from Runaway, via Vimeo 
Brown Council, This is Barbara Cleveland, 2013
Brown Council, This is Barbara Cleveland, 2013 – from This is Barbara Cleveland