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Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski

Sydney Harbour! Gorgeous blue water, glittering city skyline, exclusive ‘dress circle’ suburbs, lovely fresh ocean air. However commercial fishing has been banned in Sydney harbour because the marine life is considered toxic. Recreational fishing is extensive, but fish caught on the Western side of the Harbour Bridge have been found to have high levels of dioxins and other carcinogens. Waterways offers ideas for solutions to these problems while at the same time revealing the underbelly of Sydney Harbour through the 1990s popular local TV show Water Rats.

Waterways was commissioned by San Francisco Arts Commission and exhibited in the group exhibition, Urbanition at Carriageworks, Sydney from August 4th - September 3rd, 2011. The exhibition is a sister city project between Sydney and San Francisco and was shown at the SFAC gallery in San Francisco in April-June, 2011.

Waterways, Video Documentation – via Vimeo