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Triple Fate (1986)

Jill Scott

Triple Fate (1986)

Single monitor Installation with game, water, sound, video and photographs.

Science Fiction is no longer fiction, its fact - an extension of the present. I like the notion of changing it. Stealing the time-travel appeal of fiction and do constructing what society considers to be mythological facts. I'm interested in a new kind of female technology, stirring the historical pot, jumbling sounds and images from media and text, toying with the notion of a twisted future.

[In Triple Fate] A woman finds herself in a cretan labyrinth being chased by a Minotaur, then in an urban street pursued by a detective, then in the future where strange things just happen to change.1

Actors: Roslyn Oxley and Luigi Scotti.
Sound: The Dynabytes.
Special Thanks. To my friends who act out the stereotypical roles in my work; to the Video Paint Brush Company; and N.S.W.I.T. Sydney.

Presented at:
Video Installation in Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, The Australian Video Festival, Sydney, Australia. 13 – 30 August, 1986.
Recent Australian Video Installations, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 7 August – 7 September, 1986.

1Jill Scott, Sally Couacaud (eds), The Australian Video Festival, 1986. Sydney: The Australian Video Festival Ltd. Catalogue, 15.

Catalogue image for Jill Scott's Triple Fate (1986)
Catalogue image for Jill Scott's Triple Fate (1986)